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The growth in smartphone usage has also brought other benefits. Digital services offer mobile applications (apps) that
significantly increase the value of premium subscription offers, expanding the paying
[...] audience for services such as Spotify.
L’impiego sempre più diffuso degli smartphones ha prodotto anche altri benefici: i servizi digitali offrono oggi applicazioni mobili (o app) che incrementano in misura
significativa il valore delle offerte premium in abbonamento, allargando il pubblico
[...] pagante di piattaforme come Spotify.
In Switzerland, music download and
streaming offerings are growing, with the
[...] arrival in 2011 of the Spotify, Deezer or Qobuz streaming [...]
platforms, all of which offer
a dedicated application and options including the availability of their catalogue on mobiles.
In Svizzera, l’offerta di download e di streaming musicale
aumenta con l’arrivo nel 2011 di
[...] piattaforme di streaming Spotify, Deezer o Qobuz che [...]
propongono tutte un’applicazione dedicata
e delle formule che includono la disponibilità dei loro cataloghi sull’apparecchio mobile.
The Bluetooth® music adapter included in this package brings them all together,
so you can enjoy your favourite playlists and
[...] streaming music apps like Spotify® with a whole new level [...]
of audio quality.
L'adattatore Bluetooth® incluso in questa versione permette di unirle tutte, così
potrai goderti le tue playlist preferite e le app di
[...] musica in streaming, come Spotify®, con un audio di qualità [...]
The market for online music also continues to grow and has become a strategic and commercial factor. 2011 saw the signing
of several partnerships in Europe between mobile operators and musical content providers,
[...] essentially Deezer and Spotify.
Il 2011 ha visto la conclusione di diversi
partenariati in Europa tra operatori della telefonia mobile e fornitori di contenuti musicali,
[...] principalmente Deezer e Spotify.
Spotify is the ultimate music [...]
player for your smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing you to organize and play music, stream
it to any room in your house with this Philips unit, and share it over social networks.
Spotify è un lettore musicale [...]
di ultima generazione per smartphone, tablet o computer che ti consente di organizzare e riprodurre
musica in streaming in ogni stanza della tua casa utilizzando questa unità Philips e condividendola su altre reti.
Spotify is the biggest digital [...]
retailer in Norway and Sweden, and the overall number two digital service in Europe, after iTunes.
Spotify è il più grande negozio [...]
digitale in Norvegia e in Svezia nonché il secondo servizio digitale in Europa dopo iTunes.
Services such as Spotify, Deezer, We7 and Slacker [...]
broadly present two kinds of offering to consumers: a free advertising-supported
streaming service, and a premium paid-for service.
Piattaforme come Spotify, Deezer, we7 e Slacker [...]
presentano generalmente due tipi di offerta al consumatore: un servizio
di streaming gratuito finanziato dalla pubblicità e un servizio premium destinato agli abbonati che pagano un canone.
Spotifys partnership with Sonos is one of the first [...]
deals to give music fans a subscription offering that is geared to
provide top-quality audio for people who want to listen to music in the home.
La partnership tra Spotify e Sonos è una delle prime [...]
a mettere a disposizione degli appassionati di musica un’offerta in
abbonamento finalizzata all’ascolto in alta qualità nell’ambiente domestico.
Spotify is only one example [...]
of a business that has gone from start-up to internet star and Fredrik Cassel is very upbeat
about the current possibilities for internet technology companies to grow.
Spotfy non è che uno degli [...]
esempi di aziende che partendo dal livello start-up sono diventate delle star del web; Fredrik
Cassel è molto ottimista sulle attuali possibilità di crescita delle imprese tecnologiche su Internet.
This also includes music that you can listen to via your telephone or PC such as
internet radio, YouTube and online
[...] music services such as Spotify, Deezer, Grooveshark, [...]
Rara, Tomahawk,, Jango, Seesu,
Ciò include anche la musica che si può ascoltare via telefono o PC, come
radio Internet, YouTube e servizi
[...] di musica online come Spotify, Deezer, Grooveshark, [...]
Rara, Tomahawk,, Jango, Seesu,
Spotify is now fully integrated [...]
into our popular BeoSound 5 music system. The integration adds yet another feature to BeoSound
5, expanding its range of digital music with 20 million songs in premium streaming quality in addition to your own digitised tracks and 14,000 internet radio stations.
Spotify è ora completamente integrato [...]
nell'impianto musicale BeoSound 5. L'integrazione aggiunge inoltre un'altra funzione
a BeoSound 5, ampliando la sua gamma di musica digitale con 20 milioni di canzoni e una qualità audio straordinaria oltre ai brani digitalizzati e a 14.000 emittenti radio su internet.
In addition, you can access music
[...] services streaming like Spotify or Deezer, internet Radio [...]
through TuneIn and Orange Live
Radio, online thanks to the implementation of Google Maps maps, which also will be responsible for the 3d maps view and send sensitive information such as the status of dangerous points for its high concentration of accidents or traffic.
Inoltre, è possibile accedere a servizi di
[...] musica in streaming come Spotify o Deezer, internet Radio [...]
attraverso TuneIn e Orange Live
Radio, on-line grazie all'implementazione di mappe di Google maps, che inoltre sarà responsabile per il 3d Mostra le mappe e inviare informazioni sensibili quali lo status dei punti pericolosi per la sua alta concentrazione di traffico o incidenti.
The advantage of iTunes Match is that its annual price is considerably lower than those mentioned, but is limited to synchronize our collection, and
does not allow us to play songs that you have not acquired previously, by which
[...] loses appeal against Spotify or Pandora.
Il vantaggio di iTunes Match è il prezzo annua è notevolmente inferiore a quelli citati, ma è limitato per sincronizzare la nostra raccolta che non ci
permettono di riprodurre le canzoni che non avete acquistato in precedenza, da
[...] cui perde ricorso contro Spotify o Pandora.
In Sweden and Finland, ISP Telia
[...] offers a four month free Spotify subscription to its [...]
customers when they sign up to a mobile package.
In Svezia e in Finlandia il provider Telia offre un
[...] abbonamento gratuito a Spotify della durata di quattro [...]
mesi ai clienti che si iscrivono
a un pacchetto di servizi di telefonia mobile.
Spotify has attracted more than 20 million online [...]
users since it was set up just a few years ago and it keeps growing.
Dalla sua
[...] costituzione, pochi anni fa, Spotfy ha conquistato oltre [...]
20 milioni di utenti e continua ad espandersi.
In a bid to grow further, Spotify launched its Facebook [...]
integration in May 2010, enabling users to search through friends’
playlists, an activity that has proved highly popular.
Nel tentativo di ingrandirsi
[...] ulteriormente, nel maggio del 2010 Spotify ha lanciato un’integrazione [...]
con Facebook: la possibilità
di curiosare nelle playlist degli amici si è dimostrata molto gradita agli utenti.
Furthermore there is a thing called internet radio and online
[...] music services such as Spotify, so you have, while [...]
connected to the internet, access
to millions of music collections, wherever you are.
Inoltre, esiste anche la radio internet e servizi
[...] di musica online quali Spotify™, quindi, collegandosi [...]
a internet, è possibile accedere
a milioni di collezioni musicali, ovunque.
I get a lot of my day to
[...] day listening from Spotify - the subscriber service [...]
streams at 320Kb/s - lower quality than CD
but acceptable for non critical listening.
Molti dei miei ascolti
[...] giornalieri li prendo da Spotify - il servizio musicale [...]
in streaming a 320Kb/s - una qualità inferiore
a quella del CD, ma accettabile per ascolti non critici.
Services likes Spotify Premium are good real-world [...]
examples of this.
I servizi come Spotify Premium sono un esempio [...]
davvero ottimo di tutto ciò.
And when you want to switch to a Bluetooth® device, just
[...] [...] swap the dock for iPod for the Bluetooth® dock and wirelessly connect with any Bluetooth® device—smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. In a snap you're ready to stream music stored on your device or from Internet sources like Spotify.
Se desideri passare a un dispositivo Bluetooth®, basta sostituire il dock per iPod con il dock per Bluetooth® e collegarti in modalità wireless con il dispositivo Bluetooth® che preferisci: smartphone, tablet, laptop o altri.
There will in fact be a feed dedicated to photographs, one at a
music - with a lot of shared
[...] playlists, for example, from Spotify - and a last to the sun [...]
favorite pages from the profiles.
Ci sarà infatti un feed dedicato alle fotografie, uno
alla musica - con tanto di playlist
[...] condivise, ad esempio, da Spotify - e un ultimo alle sole [...]
pagine preferite dai profili.
Apart from the possibility of setting up
connections with other people and
[...] of interacting online, Spotify presents other features [...]
that increase the program’s potential even more.
Oltre alla possibilità di creare collegamenti con altre persone
[...] e interagire online, Spotify presenta altre caratteristiche [...]
che aumenteranno il potenziale del programma ancora di più.
A Spotify Premium subscription is required to access Spotify using your BeoSound 5. With Spotify Premium you can even download [...]
your favorite music on
your mobile or tablet for when you’re offline and enjoy it everywhere with enhanced sound quality and without any advertisements.
Per accedere a Spotify è necessario un abbonamento a Spotify Premium quando si utilizza BeoSound 5. Con Spotify Premium puoi anche [...]
scaricare la tua musica
preferita sul cellulare o sul tablet quando non sei on-line e divertirti ovunque con una migliore qualità audio e senza pubblicità.
Turn it on, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and instantly access thousands of free Internet
radio stations from around the world, online
[...] services like Pandora® and Spotify®, even the music stored [...]
on your computer.
Accendila, collegala alla rete Wi-Fi e accedi in pochi istanti a migliaia di stazioni radio
Internet gratuite da tutto il mondo, a servizi
[...] online come Pandora® e Spotify® o alla musica memorizzata [...]
nel tuo computer.
Since 2008 she has been working with
various IT, Media and Fashion companies, in strategic and sales innovation, and currently she is
[...] also a consultant at Spotify.
Dal 2008, lavora con varie aziende
informatiche, media e marchi di moda nell'ambito dell'innovazione strategica e commerciale, e
[...] attualmente, è consulente per Spotify.
Besides, with Spotify Preview you’ll not only enjoy the latest functions as they are released before other users, you’ll also have access to the application’s store and get the Spotify Apps as soon as they appear on [...]
the market.
Inoltre, con Spotify Preview non solo godrete delle ultime funzioni rilasciate prima degli altri utenti, ma avrete anche accesso all'archivio dell'applicazione e ottenere le Applicazioni Spotify non appena appaiono [...]
sul mercato.
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Apple Music, iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan: Everything Apple announced at its WWDC 2015 developers conference

A new music-streaming service, multitasking for the iPad, straight talking with Siri and a host of other software developments debuted at Apple's annual developer funfest.

Now Playing: Watch this: Apple WWDC 2015: Everything you need to see

We expected a low-key, only modestly consumer-focused conference from Apple's WWDC 2015; what we got was a lot of new software to look forward to. As predicted, there was no shiny new hardware. But here are the highlights, including the celebrity-filled rehearsal parody video that launched the event. And a rarity for Apple, women on stage!

Interested in the stats? Here's WWDC by the numbers -- or you can always skip to the video highlights.

Apple Music

Tim Cook resurrected Apple's "one more thing" for this announcement. It's been a year since the acquisition of audio company Beats, and a relatively quiet one at that. But today, the company announced a new music-streaming service, Apple Music.

Designed to address the "fragmented mess" of music, Apple Music includes Beats 1, a live 24-hour radio station with DJs from New York, LA and London; a curated playlist feature called For You; and Connect, a way for artists to interact with fans, including direct delivery of music from outside the catalog and other content.

In addition to searching its music library, Apple Music will also allow you to search -- and stream -- music from iTunes.

The app has a new interface with a (hideable) mini player along the bottom, thumbnails for recently added albums, varying views, the option to add your own artwork and dragging and dropping items in playlists. You can also watch ad-free music videos.

And of course, you can talk to it with Siri, including natural language search ("Play the song from 'Selma.'")

Apple Music launches later in June on iOS 8.4 (and a bunch of other platforms). The first three months come free, and it'll cost $15 per month for families of up to six people and $10 per month for individuals thereafter. We'll update the Apple Music review page with international pricing and availability as we get them.

iOS 9

Apple's push with iOS 9 is proactivity. It introduces a new user interface for Siri. Apple's virtual assistant seems to benefit from the natural-language interface technology in OS X, and it has more assistant-like capabilities than before. Interestingly, it sounds a lot like what Google announced two weeks ago at its own conference, I/O.

Siri's been spruced up. It can automatically process invitations with reminders, incorporate map-based information like driving directions and guess the identity of unknown callers from their phone numbers. It can suggest apps based on your actions and do video searches across sites (with direct play). And Siri can automatically add links to reminders you set up.

Plugging in your headphones can, say, automatically launch your music. You'll be able to scrub through photos, and find them with natural language search ("Show my karaoke photos of Eddy.").

Apple Pay comes to Discover, Baskin-Robbins, B&H Photo and more (here are all the numbers). This fall, Square will bring out a new reader with Apple Pay support and later this month you'll be able to buy pins from Pinterest via Apple Pay. Next month, it crosses the pond to the UK with a bunch of banks and brands (250,000 locations). London's public transport will also be accepting Apple Pay.

In iOS 9, you'll be able to add store cards, frequent buyer programs and reward cards in addition to event and travel tickets, coupons and the like. The growing capabilities have driven Apple to rename the Passbook app as Wallet.

There are enhancements to a lot of apps. Notes gets a toolbar with formatting options, automatic checklists, access to your camera roll and camera, and drawing tools. You'll be able to share a link into your notes, see thumbnails and see an attachments view.

In Maps, there's now a public transport map (Transit) with routing, and step-by-step directions with walking time. It looks a lot like the NYC MTA map, and the feature is rolling out globally for big cities.

Say goodbye to Newsstand; say hello to News , Apple's homegrown news aggregation app. It has been likened to Flipboard , and for good reason. It's an interactive platform that provides a personalized, bookmarkable news feed. There's a new Apple News format that publishers will be able to use for custom layouts. It supports animated imagery and videos and has a Photo Mosaics gallery display. It's also private; what you read is not shared or linked to other Apple services. The usual news sources will be available at launch. In his review of Apple News , CNET's David Katzmaier wrote, "Apple says 30 New York Times articles per week will be delivered free to News users. Also mentioned was ESPN and Conde Nast, and the ability to add just about any type of local content."

One of the big iPad-related updates: the keyboard is now a trackpad with a two-finger drag. The QuickType keyboard will come with shortcuts for important actions like cut, copy and paste, with additional shortcuts for connected keyboards.

And multitasking! It has split and picture-in-picture view and a visually redesigned task switcher; a swipe from the right pulls out email and swiping down brings down all your thumbnails of running apps. You can also pin running apps. However, not everything is supported on all iPads -- some are only on the iPad Air onward, and split-screen is only on the iPad Air 2.

You should see improvements in animation and scrolling on all iOS devices, and extended battery life on the iPhone. There's now a low-power mode, whichApple claims extends life by 3 hours.

Two-factor authenticaion comes to iCloud, and over-the-air updates are smaller (down to 1.3GB from 4GB of iOS 8).

The developer beta launches today and a public beta will be available in July ( here's how to sign up); the free upgrade rolls out in the fall. It will remain compatible with all iOS 8 devices.

OS X 10.11: El Capitan

OS X 10.11 has updates for frequently used applications and enhanced window management. These include making it easier to find the cursor by shaking your finger on the trackpad, email gestures, pinned sites and audio indicators in the tabs in Safari and natural text searches in Spotlight and the other applications ("documents I worked on last June"). It has swipe gestures in Mission Control and more mobile-like window behavior plus tabs in full-screen mode; you can now more easily organize two windows side by side. It has graphical thumbnails for links in Notes, and you'll be able to drag and drop windows to create workspaces.

There are also performance enhancements, including faster app launching, app switching, mail retrieval and preview. Metal, the company's game application programming interface, was announced last year. combined with moving the OpenGL stack into it, is supposed to deliver better performance. This includes upcoming performance improvements in Adobe After Effects and the Illustrator drawing engine. Game developer Epic claimed a 70 percent lower CPU usage, and demoed its upcoming title Fortnite, built on the Unreal Engine, displaying some pretty nice real-time rendering. Zombies, too.

El Capitan is available today for developers. There's a public beta in July and a free upgrade for all this fall.

Now Playing: Watch this: Apple's latest version of OS X, El Capitan

Apple Watch

The smartwatch's Watch OS gets native apps, which means they can be faster, better and smarter. The new version (with the Timepiece API) offers new, motion-sensing changeable faces like photos, photo albums, and a time-lapse photo face.

The OS also gets an information-display feature called Complications, which are single-screen widgets showing weather information, sports scores and so on. The Time Travel feature will show past and future information and events when you rotate the watch's crown. It also has a new nightstand mode intended to give an optimal bedside experience.

It's easier to add friends from the Friend display. Now drawings can be multicolored, and you'll be able to reply to emails, use FaceTime audio right on your wrist and run native fitness apps (apps that work without a phone). You can start workouts via Siri and the watch can display achievements that you can share. Siri will also be able to give you mass transit directions, support talking to your HomeKit devices and bring up third-party apps like Instagram.

The new Wallet and Transit features are supported on the Watch as well.

Watch OS 2 will be available to all in the fall, but the developer preview is available now.

For developers: 'Kits, 'Play and Swift

HomeKit devices finally started shipping just last week (check out our review of the first one, the Lutron Caséta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit).

Announced at last year's WWDC, Swift -- here's our primer -- goes open-source with Swift 2. It will gain whole-module optimization, better error handling and protocol extensions.