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    Watch モスラ3 キングギドラ来襲 () Online

    モスラ3 キングギドラ来襲 () モスラ3 キングギドラ来襲 () 6.1 / 10 by 5 users
    Title:Rebirth of Mothra III
    Original Title:モスラ3 キングギドラ来襲
    Release: 1998-12-12
    Country: Japan
    Language: 日本語
    Runtime: 99 min.
    Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Fantasy

     Production Company:Toho Film (Eiga) Co. Ltd.
     Plot Keyword:monster, time travel, mothra, sequel, giant monster, tokyo japan, dragon, creature, moth, giant insect, creature feature, miniature people, giant moth, shobijin, ghidora
     Alternative Titles:
    • Mothra 3: King Ghidorah Attacks
    • Mosura SurÄ« Kingu Gidora RaishÅ«
    • Mothra III - King Ghidora kehrt zurück
    • Mothra III - Desgidorah kehrt zurück
    • Mothra - Desgidorah kehrt zurück
    • Mothra 3: O Ataque de King Guidorah


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  • Characters : Moll

    Actor : Megumi Kobayashi

    Characters : Lora

    Actor : Misato Tate

    Characters : Belvera

    Actor : Aki Hano

    Characters : Father

    Actor : Atsushi Ônita

    Characters : Kingugidora

    Actor : Tsutomu Kitagawa

    Characters : Kôchô

    Actor : Kôichi Ueda

    Characters : Narrator

    Actor : Sayaka Yamaguchi

    Characters : Narrator

    Actor : Shirô Namiki

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