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offered by cbcoding.com (144) 16,788 users Overview Removes ads, scrobbles to Last.fm, displays song change notifications, and improves Pandora's awesome HTML5 interface. Formerly known as PandoraEnhancer, RadioEnhancer removes most advertisements from Pandora's new awesome HTML5 interface, as well as improving existing Pandora features. - Remove most visual advertisements - Notifications for song changes with integrated player controls - Auto-mute audio ads - Song tracker bar on notification window - Last.fm scrobbling - Remove video ads - Selectable lyrics with "copy to clipboard" link - Skip "Are you still listening?" dialog - Remove "helpful" tooltips - Remove header "ribbons" - Remove promobox (left side under station list) - Extend station listing (to take up the full length) - Notifications for "Still Listening?" skip and video ad removal - Customizable notification display length - Pandora's volume icon (next to player controls) toggles mute on/off. All of these options are configurable (click the icon in the Omnibar while using Pandora). ** To change the position of the notification windows, click the little wrench icon in the toolbar of the notification. We cannot change or add new locations, this is a limitation of Chrome itself. ** Authors: - Brandon Sachs (http://brandon-sachs.com) - Curt Hostetter (http://curthostetter.com) Follow us on Twitter - @RadioEnhancer 1.4.2 Changelog - New: Enable Pandora's player controls during an audio ad. - Fix: Last.fm authentication works again. 1.4.1 Changelog - New: Auto-mute audio ads option (default enabled). - Fix: RadioEnhancer icon in address bar no longer disappears. - Fix: Copy lyrics to clipboard works again. - Fix: Muting using the notification controls no longer restores to a lower volume level. - Fix: Clicking the "mute" icon on Pandora will again toggle muting. - Fix: Song info now truncates in notification window, hover over to view full info if it's too long. 1.4.0 Changelog - New name: RadioEnhancer - Change: last.fm section in settings window looks a bit nicer now. - Fix: Station listing should now properly extend to the bottom of the main window. - Fix: Main content window should now be properly centered. Website Report Abuse Additional Information Version:   1.4.3
Updated:   November 4, 2013
Size:   141KiB
Language:   English

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