What I’m Wearing: My Pandora Hearts Bracelet

For today’s post I will be talking about one of my all time favorite pieces to wear and that is my Pandora hearts bracelet. This is one of my most featured bracelets as I’m most likely to post this one on Instagram since it’s the one I most wear. It pains me a little bit too because it’s  the most scuffed of all my bracelets, but it’s well loved and I can’t just have it sit in my jewelry box like most of my other pieces.


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I at one time didn’t care for hearts, wasn’t my thing. A couple of years ago my husband would have to travel a lot for his work and for the most part whenever he came back from a trip he almost always brought me back a heart shaped charm, that is why this bracelet is so special to me. I figured I would feature it now since we are coming up on Valentine’s Day soon!


You may be able to see that this bracelet is not the most balanced bracelet, it has some pieces out of whack and that is because I’m missing some charms and also because there are some beads that I’m going to have to move to another bracelet. I’m thinking I may have to start an all two tone hearts bracelet soon! I don’t know why I just don’t take the plunge and get a two tone bracelet, it’s been on my wish list forever! Wish I could’ve gotten it years ago when they were still affordable. I have many a project waiting for a two tone bracelet.

I’m hoping that after this Valentine’s Day I might be able to do some rearranging to this bracelet (now that’s wishful thinking!) but I highly doubt it since the hubby was extremely generous this last Christmas and he also helped me with some Trollbeads purchases when I found out they were on sale. I can’t keep abusing LOL. You all may have also noticed that I have a lot of retired pieces on my bracelet and that there is an absence of glass beads or colored beads, I kind of like that. I like that I’m keeping this bead mainly plain like that, I want so many heart shaped beads that I don’t have room for Muranos and I like that the color is coming from the few enamel charms that I do have. I like the ruby red and pink combo. I do have to say though that I am completely in love with the new Wild Hearts Muranos and perhaps I will add those to this later or add them to a future bracelet. I also wish I could have gotten a second Always In My Heart bangle, would be a nice simple stack, but for now I’ll have to be content with just the one.


So this is my usual go to bracelet, the one that is always ready to go, it’s not on a charm bar or scattered about in my jewelry box, it’s my most sentimental bracelet out of all of them. Do any of you have any close and sentimental pieces you like to wear? Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, what are your plans for this special day?




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