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Music Streaming Service Pandora Adds Chromecast Support

The Chromecast button at home in the Pandora app.

The Chromecast button at home in the Pandora app.

The popular music streaming service Pandora has finally hit the Chromecast.

Pandora is the latest service to add support for Google’s content streaming device released in July. Google was reportedly working on Hulu Plus, Pandora, and HBO Go support not long after the device launched – the first of which finally added support earlier this month.

Chromecast integration works the same as with other apps. In the Android phone app, Pandora will show a ‘cast’ button in the volume bar if it detects any Chromecast devices on the network whilst a “station” is active. In the new tablet interface shipping with the updated app, a cast button will be visible when browsing stations as well.

The Chromecast interface is a simple affair, displaying artwork, track information, duration, and a thumbs up or down that’ll update as soon as you register your love or hatred for a track.

The Chromecast interface and new Pandora tablet layout.

The Chromecast interface and new Pandora tablet layout.

For multi-device households, you’re out of luck for the time being. Whether you’re using a single Pandora account or multiple accounts, casting a Pandora station from one device won’t sync across other connected devices. In fact, connecting to the Chromecast will kick off another device casting Pandora.

Though implementing a queueing interface like YouTube’s or Hulu’s doesn’t make much sense for Pandora’s style of endless playlists, syncing play state across devices – the same way the Netflix app does – would let multiple users at least advance to the next track from their own devices without switching to another “station”.

Regardless, Pandora support brings a competitor to Google’s Play Music All Access programme into the fray – albeit a competitor geared toward “music discovery” – and it may only be a matter of time before we see other big names in music streaming adding cast buttons to their apps as well.

Chromecast support for Pandora works with both the Android and iOS app and does not require a paid Pandora One account.

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  • Gary

    My Pandora opens on my Android phone OK, but when I choose to send it to Chromecast for my TV, it says the session has timed out. I haven’t listened since day before yesterday, so I don’t see how that could be.


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Pandora Wordmark 2016 RGB.png
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網站類型 網路電台(限美國、澳大利亞、紐西蘭)
持有者 Pandora Media, Inc.
創始人 The Music Genome Project
註冊 Optional

Pandora電台Pandora Radio)(NYSE:P)是僅在美國、澳大利亞和紐西蘭提供服務的自動音樂推薦系統服務,由音樂基因組計劃英語Music Genome Project管理。用戶在其中輸入自己喜歡的歌曲或藝人名,該服務將播放與之曲風類似的歌曲。用戶對於每首歌或好或差的反饋,會影響Pandora之後的歌曲選擇。在收聽的過程中,用戶還可以通過多個線上銷售上購買歌曲或專輯。

Pandora媒體播放器基於OpenLaszlo。Pandora還可以通過許多獨立的播放器存取。[1]2008年7月11日,Pandora通過iTunes App Store,發布了為蘋果公司的iPhone、iPad和iPod Touch設計的移動版應用程式。Pandora還同時支援Android、[2]黑莓手機 、WebOS(用於Palm Pre和Pixi)以及Windows Mobile等平台。Pandora還曾是MSN電台的音樂提供商,直到2008年6月18日,MSN結束了他們的網際網路電台服務。[3]


該服務有兩種訂閱方案:含有廣告的免費訂閱方案,以及不含廣告的收費方案。免費帳號用戶每月有40個小時的收聽上限,如要取消時長限制,需要支付0.99美元。2011年9月,Pandora移除了這個限制[5]。在Pandora行動版和電腦上的「Pandora in The Home」都含有廣告。在2010年6月,Pandora電台的聯合創始人蒂姆·韋斯特格林(Tim Westergren)表示,大部分用戶選擇了免費訂閱方案。[6]


2015年12月16日,Pandora新版稅協定塵埃落定,對於非付費訂購用戶,每百首歌曲播放版稅為 17 美分,高於此前提出的 14 美分。而付費訂購用戶的每百首歌曲播放版稅為 22 美分。[8]


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