Rune (Ultraverse) pandora gull sjarm

Rune I#0 (Sludge#1/2, Prime#5/2, Night Man I#1/2, Hardcase#5/2, Freex#4/2, Prototype#3/2, Strangers#5/2, Exiles I#3/2, Mantra#4/2, Solution#2/2) (October, 1993) - Barry Windsor-Smith & Chris Ulm (writers), Barry Windsor-Smith (pencils), John Floyd (inks)
Break-Thru#1 (December, 1993) – Gerard Jones, Mike W. Barr, Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, James D. Hudnall, Tom Mason, George Pérez & James Robinson & Len Strazewski (writers), Gerard Jones (script), George Pérez (pencils), John Lowe (inks), Chris Ulm & Hank Kanalz (editors)
Break-Thru#2 (January, 1994) – Gerard Jones (script), Gerard Jones, Mike W. Barr, Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, James D. Hudnall, Tom Mason, George Pérez, James Robinson & Len Strazewski (plot), George Pérez (pencils), Al Vey (inks), Hank Kanalz & Chris Ulm (editors)
Ultraverse Origins#1 (January, 1994) - Barry Windsor-Smith & Chris Ulm (writers), Barry Windsor-Smith (artist)
Rune I#1-3 (January-March, 1994) - Barry Windsor-Smith & Chris Ulm (writers), Barry Windsor-Smith (pencils), Alex Bialy (#1) & John Floyd (inks), Chris Ulm (editor)
Rune I#4-5 (June, September, 1994) - Barry Windsor-Smith & Chris Ulm (writers), Barry Windsor-Smith (pencils), John Floyd (inks), Chris Ulm (editor)
Rune I#6 (December, 1994) - Barry Windsor-Smith & Chris Ulm (writers), Barry Windsor-Smith (pencils), Alex Bialy (inks), Chris Ulm (editor)
Giant-size Rune (January, 1995) - Chris Ulm (writer), Barry Windsor-Smith (pencils), John Floyd (inks), Barry Windsor-Smith (editor)
Story 2: Windsor-Smith Studio (writer/artist), Barry Windsor Smith (editor)
Godwheel#0-3 (January-February, 1995)
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< luwalzqg. pandora rannekoru charmiadd>Story 2: James Felder (writer), Pander Bros. (artists)
Thanos#3 (February, 2004) - Jim Starlin (writer/pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

pandora gull sjarm

pandora charms à vendre
pandora ringe salg
Pandora Händler
стоимость браслета пандоры

State by State List - updated and collated

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

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1LittlemissbashfulEdited: Nov 22, 7:59pm Top

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This is an updated and expanded version of the list generated in the thread:

'Mysteries set in every US state?'

I have created the new post so the listing appears at the beginning and can be updated as new titles / series or suggestions present themselves.

Where as the original list started as a challenge a few years back I'm hoping this will act as an easy to refer to resource for anyone who might be interested.

Although not exhaustive I am hoping it gives some variety of choice for each state.

At the end I have started compiling lists for Canda, Mexico and Latin America...and the rest of the World

So I guess really it should now be called

'The World Guide to Mystery Fiction'

There is a also a very brief topic listing to denote Sea / Rail and Air mysteries as well as the Arctic and Antarctic.

Also a short listing for SF, Fantasy and 'Undead' mystery writers and series...and selected other sub-genre lists


Be warned, I have not checked all the 'touchstones' so they will include errors as the automatic title links are often incorrect...

If anyone spots any mistakes please add a comment so I can make a correction.

Additional suggestions welcomed - please note this list currently includes hard copy books and those in English translation only - Books which appear to be available in electronic format only are not currently included *unless they cover a region with few alternatives or relate to an author already appearing on the list as a hard copy author (and occasionally where it has become an extablished series but still appears in electronic form only or once related to a now OP print series)...

Please note, unless there is a strong element of crime and investigation this list does not generally include Spy or Espionage thrillers (which is I think a genre in and of itself)

*revised inclusions for some eBooks in 2013

Some titles may be out of print but these are usually available second hand from somewhere if you look.

Running order:

1. USA - A-Z State by state

2. Canada - A-Z Provinces then Territories plus Saint Pierre and Miquelon

3. Mexico

4. Latin America / Central and South America

5. Bermuda / Caribbean & the West Indies

6. Africa - plus Réunion and offshore island nations

7. Asia - Northeast and Central / Turkestan

8. Asia - South and Southeast

9. Oceania - Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia & Polynesia plus other neighbouring islands

10. Europe - Nordic & Scandanavian

11. Europe - North, Central and Caucasus plus Russia

12. Europe - South / Mediterranean (incl' Cyprus and Turkey) plus Macaronesia

13. Middle East (incl' Egypt)

14. Antarctica / Arctic

15. Specialist Lists - Planes, Trains and err, Boats plus Undersea, Underground, In Space, on Oil Rigs and random Desert Islands

16. Specialist Lists - Alternate Realities etc - inc Dystopian / SF / FA / Undead & other Urban FA Crime / Misc Supernatural & Paranormal / Supernatural Crime Cozies

17. Ireland

18. UK - England (Historical / Traditional & Golden Age / Modern / Cosy Crime / E-Series and SF/FA listings / some Books for Children etc)

19. UK - Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales (with listings by island grouping)

20. UK - British Crown Dependencies & Overseas Territories plus other misc' local offshore UK islands

Plus: Misc Listings - USP / Fairy Tales / Locked Room etc. (mini listings appearing amongst comments) *Not comprehensive listings


Last updated 2017-11-23

2LittlemissbashfulEdited: Sep 17, 11:54pm Top

# USA - A-Z State by state AL-AK

# Alabama

Jim Accardi - Saigon Landing
Susan Wittig Albert - Miss Elizabeth Lacy and the Darling Dahlias series
Ryan Anderson - Detective Hank Jordan series
Ace Atkins - Wicked City
Raymond L. Atkins - Sorrow Wood
Robert Bailey - The Professor (McMurtrie and Drake Legal Thrillers Book 1)
Betty Barrett - The Body in the Baptistry (An Alabama Cozy Mystery)
Beverly Barton - Griffin Powell series and other titles (Silent Killer etc.)
Heather Blake - Magic Potion Mysteries
Erika Chase - A Killer Read / Read and Buried / Cover Story (Bk 1-3 Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries) (cosy series)
R. B. Chesterton - The Darkling
Mark Childress - Crazy in Alabama
Cassandra Clairage - Murder on the Mountain (Caro Loves a Mystery) *EBOOK
Stephen J. Clark - Nelson Ingram series
Bobby Cole - The Dummy Line (Bk 1 - Jake Crosby) / The Rented Mule
Thomas H. Cook - Breakheart Hill
Helen Ellis - Eating The Cheshire Cat
Mary Anna Evans - Relics (Bk 2 Faye Longchamp Mysteries)
Fannie Flagg - I Still Dream About You
Tom Franklin - Hell at the Breech / Smonk / Poachers: Stories
Anne George - Southern Sister mysteries (cosy series)
B J Gillum - Alabama Rising: The Erectolite Affair
Andrew Grant - False Positive (Det. Cooper Devereaux)
W. L. Heath - Violent Saturday (1950's novel set in Morgan, AL)
Michael Hiebert - Alvin, Alabama Novels
Joshilyn Jackson - Gods In Alabama
Mike Jastrzebski - Dog River Blues (Bk 2 Wes Darling Mystery)
Mark T. Jones & Elizabeth L. Jones - A Demon in Dixie (APA Exsanguination) (An Angus Tannahill Mystery)
J. A. Kerley - Carson Ryder series (except Bk 4 and series moves to Florida from Bk 10 onwards)
D.P. Lyle - Dub Walker series
Sara McFerrin - Southern Ladies' Curiosity Club (Bk 1 Campbell Clan Mystery - Cozy series set in the 1950's) *EBOOK
Anna Michaels - The Tender Mercy of Roses
Michiro Naito - The Red Earth of Alabama
Ira Nirenberg - Alabama Whistle
Suzanne Palmieri - The Witch of Belladonna Bay
Jill Peters - The Cane Patch (A small-town Alabama murder mystery) *EBOOK
Allan Pinkerton - The Expressman and the Detective
Donald Ray Pollock - The Heavenly Table (set in Alabama and Meade in 1917)
Lisa Kaye Presley - The Judgment *EBOOK
David Reichart - Every Able Body (set in 1940's Mobile) / Death's Door / Swamp Blood (Bks 1&2 Jesse Yates: Palm Court Detectives series)
Ann Robbins-Phillips - Murder and Rock-n-Roll: Muscle Shoals, Alabama (Bk 1 Finn Elliott Mysteries)
Mary Saums - Thistle and Twigg series
Clayton Spriggs - Johnson Road (Purvis Johnson)
Mike Stewart - Tom McInnes series
Rebekah Strong - The Legend of Rising Fawn
Debra Webb - Faces of Evil series (Romantic crime series set in Birmingham, AL) / Traceless
Chris Whitaker - All The Wicked Girls
Jennifer Leigh Youngblood & Sandra Poole - Stoney Creek, Alabama
Bob Zeanah - Work to Do / No Anchor (Bks 1&2 Sugar Bear Jackson)

# Alaska

Michael Abbadon - Snowblind *EBOOK
Andy Adams - Alaska Ghost Glacier Mystery (Bk 6 Biff Brewster mystery adventure series)
Richard Anderson - Death Below Zero (set in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska)
Rolynn Anderson - Lie Catchers
Cori Lynn Arnold - Northern Deceit (Bk 3 Louis Baker & Bert Hicks)
Izzy Ballard - The Alaska Girl & The Spy (Humorous Mystery)
Robin Barefield - Murder Over Kodiak
M.T. Bass - Somethin' for Nothin' (An Adventure in Alaska)
Tyler Blackthorne - Denali / Arctic Forces (Bks 1&2 Dylan Baker series)
David Bliss - In From the Cold
Walt Branam - Alaska Gold
Dale Brandenburger - Grizzly Trade
J.T. Brannan - Red Moon Rising
L.J. Breedlove - Everybody Lies (Talkeetna Bk 1)
Gerri Brightwell - Dead of Winter (Arctic Noir)
William S. Brown - Anchorage Deception
Wade Butler - Foxtown Jive: The Eye of Ra (Armageddon: The DaVinci Code meets Percy Jackson by way of Garrison Keillor) *EBOOK
Caroline Carver - Beneath the Snow
Andrew Ceroni - Snow Men
Michael Chabon - The Yiddish Poilceman’s Union
Robert Charles - Murder in Turtle Bay, Alaska and Greece (set in Hawaii, Alaska, San Francisco, London, Athens and Columbia) *EBOOK
M.J. Cody - Standing on the Beach (set in Juneau)
Jim Craig - Blue Ice Dying in the Rain
Claire Croxton - Ex-Ray (set in Barrow)
Ron Dalby - Pipeline
Kathi Daley - Alaskan Alliance (Bk 12 Zoe Donovan Mysteries)
Jordan Dane - The Last Victim (A Ryker Townsend Story - set in Alaska and the Cascade Mountains near Seattle)
Matt Day - Deadly Alaska (Bk 5 Charlie Flanigan Mystery Series - P.I. Seaplane Pilot series, set in 1950's Alaska and Florida) *EBOOK
Mike Doogan - Nik Kane series
Ross Van Dusen - Who's at the bottom of the river? (The Scott moss detective series - humorous series)
Wanda Dyson - Retribution (Bk 4 Shefford Files)
Blaze Eastwood - Distress Beacon *EBOOK
Sharon Eboch - Murder on the West Glacier Trail
George Edgley - North to Valdez
Aaron Elkins - Icy Clutches (Gideon Oliver Bk 6)
Carrie Enge - Crab Bait
Dave P. Fisher - Code of the Bush / Cold Blows the Tundra Wind
Julie Flanders - Polar Night (Vampire Noir set in Arctic Alaska)
Stephen W. Frey - Arctic Fire (Red Cell Series, Book 1)
Susan Froetschel - Alaska Gray / Interruptions
Carole Gibb - Bad Guys Beware: An Alaska Mystery
William Giraldi - Hold the Dark
David Gleason - The Fraternity: Alaskan and Russian Roulette
Rachel Grant - Incriminating Evidence (Bk 4 Evidence Series - romantic mysteries)
Seth Harwood - In Broad Daylight
J.M. Hayes - The Spirit and the Skull (a Paleolithic Murder Mystery)
Russell Heath - Broken Angels
Sue Henry - Jessie Arnold books / Alex Jensen Books
Eric van den Hoogen - Undercover Alaska
Leah Van Horn & R. Charles Brookes - A Handful of Ravens, A Murder of Crows (set in and around Juneau)
Keith Houghton - Taking Liberty (Bk 3 Gabe Quinn Thriller Series)
Tom Hron - Eli Bonnet books
Charles G. Irion & Ronald J. Watkins - Murder on Mt. McKinley (A Summit Murder Mystery Bk 3)
Michael Jecks - Act of Vengeance *EBOOK
JD Huff - Barrow (set in Arctic Alaska)
Marcel Jolley - The Following Sea
Robert F. Jones - Slade's Glacier
Stan Jones - Nathan Active series (set in Arctic Alaska)
Sharon Kahn - Hold the Cream Cheese, Kill the Lox (Bk 4 Ruby, the Rabbi's Wife Mysteries - 'Humorous' Jewish cosy series, this one mainly set in Alaska with a detour through New Jersey)
Seth Kantner - Ordinary Wolves
Josi S. Kilpack - Baked Alaska (Culinary Mysteries - this one set on an Alaskan Cruise)
S.C. King - Alaska Mysteries series (novellas) *EBOOK
Dean Koontz - Icebound (set on the Polar Ice Cap)
Christopher Lane - Inupiat Eskimo Mysteries
R.J. Kottke - The Curse of the Boundary Stone (Bk 1 Sugar and Spice Mysteries - set in Fairbanks)
Jerold Last - Unbearably Deadly (Bk 9 Roger and Suzanne Mysteries - set in Denali National Park) *EBOOK
Donna Kolling Lear - Crimson Gold
Steven Levi - Walrus with a Gold Tooth (fictionalised history of crime in Anchorage) / Dead Men Do Come Back
Ken Lord - The Broken Rose (Murder in the Alaskan Wilderness)
Rosamund Lupton - The Quality of Silence (set in the Arctic Tundra)
Janet Elizabeth Lynn - North of the Pier (set in Alaska and Eastern Russia) *EBOOK
Darrell Maloney - The Hunted (Tony Hance Bk 2)
Kat Martin - Against the Wild / Against the Sky / Against the Tide (The Brodies Of Alaska - Romance and murder, 2nd one set in Las Vegas and Alaska)
M. J. McGrath - The Boy in the Snow (Bk 2 - Edie Kiglatuk)
David McKinney - Bear Bones (Bk 1 Cody O'Keefe Investigations)
Margaret Mendel - Fish Kicker *EBOOK
Victor Methos - The Murder of Janessa Hennley (Bk 1 Mickey Parsons Mysteries)
Lyle Nicholson - Polar Bear Dawn (Bk 1 Detective Bernadette Callahan Mysteries - set in the High Arctic & Alberta, Alaska)
Katherine Norberg - Murder Goes A-Hunting (Bk 2 Annie Cook Mysteries)
Brenda Novak - Her Darkest Nightmare (Dr. Evelyn Talbot Novels)
Michael S. Nuckols - Frozen Highway
Cathy Pegau - Murder on the Last Frontier (A Charlotte Brody Mystery - a suffragette mystery set in Alaska)
Walter Perry - It's Colder Than an Ice Monkey Out Here
Dani Pettrey - Alaskan Courage Mystery series
Don G. Porter - Deadly Detail / Happy Hour / Yukon Murders / Humpy Cove (Bks 1-4 Alex Price Mysteries - Alaskan Bush Pilot)
Brent Purvis - Mink Island (Bk 1 Jim and Kram Series - A Comical Mystery set on a Remote Alaskan Island) *EBOOK
Elizabeth Quinn - Dr. Lauren Maxwell series
R.A. Quinn - Frozen Lies / Deep Lies / Clear Lies (Bk 1-3 Jacob Rohn series)
Slim Randles - Raven's Prey
Kaitlin Reynolds - The Chill Cuts Deep
Matt Ridgway - Tundra: Valley of the sun
Karen Robards - Darkness
Nora Roberts - Northern Lights
Alan Russell - A Cold War
Megan Mallory Rust - Taylor Morgan series
S. A. E. Sam - Deadly Summers in Alaska / Deadly Summers in Alaska II: Birdie
Wayne K Sapp - Arctic Lions
Marianne Schlegelmilch - Driftfeather on the Alaska Seas / Feather from a Stranger / Two Tickets and a Feather / Feather for Hoonah Joe (Bks 1-4 Alaskan Feather Mysteries)
Benjamin A. Shaine - Alaska Dragon
Connie Shelton - Legends Can Be Murder (Bk 15 Charlie Parker Mysteries, female sleuth not to be confused with John Connolly's male P.I. of the same name)
Jessica Simon - From Ice to Ashes (Thriller set around the Yukon Arctic Ultra race - set in the Yukon and Alaska )
Marcia Simpson - Alaskan Panhandle Mysteries
Dana Stabenow - Kate Shugak series / Liam Campbell series
Rosalyn E Stowell - A Head of the Game: An Alaskan Serial Killer Novel / Alaskan Alibi: Murder to go, please
John Straley - Cecil Younger series / Cold Storage, Alaska
E.B. Sullivan - Alaska Awakening
Luke Taylor - The Quiet Kill
Jonathan Thomas Stratman - Indecent Exposure
Sean E. Thomas - Robert Sable Mysteries (series featuring a Tlingit Alaska State Trooper)
Matt Thompson - Oleanders In Alaska
Warren Troy - Wilderness Reckoning: Caraway's Return
Leon Unruh - Dog of the Afterworld (set in Alaska and Kansas) *EBOOK
Don Wadley - Pavloff and His Dog (A Dan Blackhorse Mystery)
Ron Walden - Ice Blue Eyes / Poacher's Paradise / Blue Sky and Green Grass / Brothers of the Badge
Elaine Waldron - Cold Wind in Alaska
Mary Wasche - Murder in Wasilla
Sandy Whelchel - Hide & Seek
Marilyn E. Wheeless - The Dark Blue Deep
Mark Wilkinson - Iced in Alaska *EBOOK
Inger Wolf - Under a Black Sky (Bk 6 Daniel Trokics - this one set in and around Anchorage)
Robert Wolfe - Falling Walrus
Glenn Yngve - A Cold, Dark Place to Die / Double, Double Oil & Trouble (Bks 1&2 Danny Slayer P.I.: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: The Alaska Story) *EBOOKS

# Arizona

Garrison Allen (Gary Amo) - Big Mike Mysteries (series featuring Penelope and 'Big Mike' her Abyssinian cat)
Sarah Atwell - Glassblowing Mystery Series
Deb Baker - Dolls to Die For
Jana Bommersbach - Funeral Hotdish (set in Pheonix, AZ and North Dakota)
Sinclair Browning - Trade Ellis series
M H Burton - Murder Goes for the Green (Bk 4 The Zach Roper Golf Mysteries)
David Burkey - Apache Toe
Robert W. Callis - The Ghosts of Skeleton Canyon
Heath Carnes - Defenceless
Ann Charles - Jackrabbit Junction series (Humorous Mysteries)
David Cole - Laura Winslow Mysteries
Sarah Cortez & Liz Martínez (Ed) - Indian Country Noir (Akashic Noir anthology inc short story '')
Bill Craig - Decker P.I. Arizona Deadline
Rebecca Cramer - Linda Bluenight Series
Don Donaldson - The Blood Betrayal (medical thriller)
Jon Duff - A Suspicion of Evil (Bk 2 Rickie Ciprian Mysteries) *EBOOK
Phil Dunlap - U.S. Marshal Piedmont Kelly series (Western mysteries - mainly set in Arizona?)
Charlotte Elkins & Aaron Elkins - Where Have All the Birdies Gone? (Bk 4 Lee Ofsted Mysteries - golfing mysteries)
Sandra Fendler - Curse of the Chindi / Dance of the Demon (Bks 1&2 Sarah Simms Navajo Reservation Mysteries - Bk 2 set in Arizona and New Mexico)
Domino Finn - The Green Children (Bk 3 Sycamore Moon)
Dave P. Fisher - Justice Owed (set in Tuscon)
David Freed - Flat Spin (Bk 1 Cordell Logan Mysteries - set in Nevada, California and Arizona)
Lakota Grace - Death in Copper Town (Bk 1 Pegasus Quincy Mysteries)
Scott Graham - Canyon Sacrifice (Bk 1 National Park Mysteries - Grand Canyon National Park)
Elizabeth Gunn - Sarah Burke Mysteries
Jason Halstead - The Lost Girls
Sue Hardesty - The Truck Comes on Thursday / Bus Stop at the Last Chance (Bks 1&2 Loni Wagner Mysteries - LGBT series)
J.M. Hayes - The Grey Pilgrim
Gar Anthony Haywood - Going Nowhere Fast (Bk 1 Joe & Dottie Loudermilk 'winebago' mysteries)
Anne Hillerman - Spider Woman's Daughter / Rock with Wings (Navajo Mysteries: Leaphorn and Chee continuation series set in the Four Corners area coverng Arizona/New Mexico and parts of Utah)
Tony Hillerman - Leaphorn and Chee series (series set in the Four Corners area coverng Arizona/New Mexico and parts of Utah)
Denis Hughes - Feud Valley Showdown (Western Mystery)
J.A. Jance - Joanna Brady series
William W. Johnstone - Sidewinders (Bk 1 Sidewinders - Western Mystery / Adventure)
Carolyn Keene - The Secret at Shadow Ranch / The Kachina Doll Mystery / The Secret at Solaire (Bks 5, 62 & 111 - Nancy Drew children's mystery series)
William Kent Krueger - Sulfur Springs (Bk 16 Cork O'Connor)
Jane S. Lacy - Mystery At Eagle Mountain Lodge
Stephen Legault - Black Sun Descending (Bk 2 Red Rock Canyon Mysteries - set in the deserts and National Parks of Utah and partly in Arizona)
Leslie Leigh - The Herbalist Mysteries (Cosy Crime)
Elmore Leonard - Mr Majestyk
Clayton Lindemuth - Tread (set in Flagstaff and Phoenix) / Solomon Bull
Jaycee Logan - Apache Windigo
Rob MacGregor - Prophecy Rock / Double Heart (Bk 1 & 3 Will Lansa Mysteries - YA Crime series involving Hopi indians)
Pascal Marco - Identity: Lost (set partly in Chicago but mainly in Phoenix)
Michael J. McCann - Donaghue and Stainer series (set in Glendale)
Marja McGraw - Old Murders Never Die (Bk 5 Sandi Webster series)
C.B. McKenzie - Bad Country
Jenn McKinlay - Cupcake Mysteries (cosy series)
Keith Miles - Murder in Perspective (Bk 1 Merlin Richards Mystery - set in Arizona in the 1920's)
Susan Cummins Miller - Frankie McFarlane Mysteries
Patrick Millikin (Ed) - Phoenix Noir (Akashic Noir - short story anthology)
James C. Mitchell - Lovers Crossing / Choke Point - Roscoe Brinker Mysteries
Kirk Mitchell - Cry Dance / Spirit Sickness (Emmett Parker and Anna Turnipseed series Bks 1 & 2 - first in the series set in the mainly in Arizona / California and Nevada - Bk 2 set mainly in Arizona)
Louis Owens - Dark River
James Paddock - Deserving of Death / Sailing into Death (Bks 1&2 CJ Washburn, PI - Bk 1: Idaho & Arizona, Bk 2 Idaho, Arizona & Florida)
Richard Parrish - Joshua Rabb novels
Jack Patterson - Dead and Gone (Bk 6 Cal Murphy Thrillers - Sports Mysteries - set in Texas and Arizona)
Twist Phelan - Pinnacle Peak Mysteries
Nancy Pickard - The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders (Eugenia Potter Bk 4 - follow on series)
Blake Pierce - Once Craved (Bk 3 Riley Paige Mysteries)
Bella Pollen - Midnight Cactus
Spencer Quinn - Chet and Bernie Mysteries (Human and dog detective duo)
Mark Reps - Zeb Hanks: Small Town Sheriff Big Time Trouble series
Nick Russell - Big Lake series featuring Sheriff Jim Weber
James Sallis - The Killer is Dying
Al Sarrantonio - Kitt Peak (Bk 2 Thomas Mullin Mysteries) / Summer Cool (Bk 1 Jack Paine Mysteries - set in NYC and Arizona)
Ed Schweizer - Star Power (Bk 1 Terror Trails)
Johnny Shaw - Big Maria
Sally J. Smith & Jean Steffens - Jordan Welsh & Eddie Marino Novels (set in Scottsdale)
Jeff Soloway - The Last Descent (A Travel Writer Mystery - set around the Grand Canyon)
Raymond Spitzer - Arizona Guy (Bk 1 Ted White Mysteries)
Sharon Sterling - The Well / Fatal Refuge (Bks 1-2 The Arizona Thriller Trilogy)
Cary Allen Stone - After the Goode (Bk 3 Jake Roberts Novels - Phoenix)
Jon Talton - David Mapstone series
Betsy Thornton - Chloe Newcombe series
Simon Toyne - Solomon Creed (supernatural thriller set in the future)
Louise Ure - Fault Tree / Forcing Amaryllis / Liars Anonymous
Betty Webb - Lena Jones Mysteries
James Whitesell - The Storm
Charles Williamson - Mike Damson Mysteries (except Bk 2 set in Santa Fe)
Steven P. Wyner - Murder on Camelback Mountain (Bk 1 Herb Nash Mysteries)
Hester Young - The Shimmering Road (Bk 2 Charlie Cates Mystery - Set in Texas and Arizona)

# Arkansas

Ania Ahlborn - The Bird Eater
Ron Austin - Grayville's Story (set in Arkansas and Missouri)
Lauren Bach - Slow Hands
Dan Baldwin - Desecration (Bk 1 Ashley Hayes Mysteries - set in Arkansas and Louisiana in the ARK-LA-TEX area)
John F. Bayer - Necessary Risk
Daniel Black - They Tell Me of a Home (Tommy Lee Tyson)
John Brandon - Arkansas
Nancy Carlton - The Niloak County Murders series *EBOOKS
H. L. Chandler - Mystery at Sunset Ridge *EBOOK
Neil Chandler - The Search foe Avyce Buckman
Curt Collier - Border Town Blood / Bloodlines / Blood and Tears / Blood and Shadows (Bks 1-4 Detective Sergeant Ellis Morgan series Supernatural Mysteries)
Dan Dane - Fireflies in the Delta
J.S. Donovan - Kidnapped (Bk 1 Absent Ballad)
Lori Ericson - A Lovely County
Olivia Ferrell - Stone Fish
David R. Fett - White Sleeper
Ashley Fontainne & Lillian Hansen - Blood Ties (Bk 1 The Magnolia Series)
Earlene Fowler - Arkansas Traveler (Bk 8 Benni Harper Myster)
Charlaine Harris - Lily Bard novels / Grave Sight (Harper Connolly Bk 1)
John Heird - Digger's Moon (set in Fort Smith Arkansas during the 1870's)
Joan Hess - Arly Hanks (Maggody) series / Claire Molloy series
Thomas Holland - One Drop of Blood (set during the Vietnam War and in present day Arkansas)
Webb Hubbell - Ginger Snaps (A Jack Patterson Thriller)
Stephen Hunter - Point of Impact / Black Light (Bob Lee Swagger) Hot Springs (Earl Lee Swagger)
MaryAnn Johnson - Murder and Meth in Arkansas (set in Arkansas and Virginia) *EBOOKS
Tamra Kidd - Natural State Escape
George E. Lankford - Surprised by Death (A Dastardly Murder: A Novel of Arkansas in the 1840s)
Mara Leveritt - Devil's Knot
Anna Loan-Wilsey - A Lack of Temperance (A Hattie Davish Mystery)
Donna Lynd - Leaving Innocence (A Gran and Bass Olson Mystery)
Christine Lynxwiler, Sandy Gaskin & Jan Reynolds - Sleuthing Sisters Mysteries
A. A. MacQueen - One Night in Arkansas
I.I. Magdalen - Lennie & Vance & Benji
Norris Church Mailer - Windchill Summer
Lorena McCourtney - In Plain Sight (Bk 2 Ivy Malone Mysteries ~ Sleuthing OAP with a Christian bent)
C.B. McKenzie - Burn What Will Burn
Robert Michael - Dark Mountain (The Legacy of Blood Book 1)
Serena B. Miller - Murder At The Buckstaff Bathhouse (The Doreen Sizemore Adventures) *EBOOKS
Denise Moncrief - Haunted Hearts Series
Speer Morgan - The Assemblers
Radine Trees Nehring - Carrie McCrite: Something to Die for Mysteries
Judy Nickles - The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series
Barbara Nipper - Vanished *EBOOK
J. Everett Prewitt - Snake Walkers (set in the 1960's)
Diana Reed - Mabelvale
Joel B Reed - Murder in the Choir / Murder on the Run / Murder By The Board / Jazz in the Crosshair (all part of the Jazz Phillips Mystery Series)
Ami Elizabeth Reeves - Next of Kin
Rod Reynolds - The Dark Inside / Black Night Falling (Bks 1&2 Charlie Yates Mysteries - set in the 1940's Ark-La-Tex region of Arkansas)
Betty Roberts - Murder Rings (Bk 4 Jessie Donnelly & Ed Chavez Mysteries)
J. Shannon Roe - A Dose of Her Own Medicine
Mary Schaffer - Sheriff Jim Crawford Mysteries
Karla Parker Schultz - Scootch Up! (Bk 1 Scootch McCully Mysteries) *EBOOK
Sarah Shankman - He Was Her Man (A Samantha Adams Mystery)
Bill W. Smith - The Wemberly Warehouse Files
Bob Smith & Sara Rhodes - Iniquities of Gulch Fork
Jo Ann Snapp - Norma Jean's Mysteries series
John Spafford - Reservoir Road (set in Indianapolis and Little Rock)
Grif Stockley - Gideon Page series
Denise Grover Swank - Rose Gardner Mystery series
Fran Touchette - Fake Pastor (A Rose Jackson Mystery)
Kathy Wagenknecht - Away to Me
Beryl Wealand - Snakebite (Bk 1 Arkansas River Valley Mysteries)
Steve Weems - Murder in the Ozarks
Frank Wheeler Jr. - The Wowzer
H. R. Williams - The Whiskey Killing
Jenni Wiltz - I Never Arkansas It Coming *EBOOK
Karen Yochim - Cajun Payback (set in Louisiana and Arkansas)

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# USA - A-Z State by state CA

# California

J.L. Abramo - Jake Diamond P.I. series
Vince Aiello - Legal Detriment / The Litigation Guy / Legion's Lawyers / Lethal Equity (Roger Legion series)
Sarah Andrews - Mother Nature (Em Hansen Mysteries Bk 3)
D. M. Annechino - They Never Die Quietly
Noreen Ayres - A World the Color of Salt / Carcass Trade / The Juan Doe Murders (all in the Smokey Brandon series)
John Ball - Virgil Tibbs series (1960's onwards, set mainly in Pasedena except Bk 2 in LA and Bks 5&7 set mainly in SE Asia)
Aileen G Baron - Return of the Swallows (Bk 2 Lily Tamar Saticoy Mysteries - set in California and Thailand)
Norm Baron & Evelyn Baron - Murder: Take One, Take Two, Take Three (Three mysteries set in California: The Martinique Murders / The Jade Cat Murder / Payback)
Nevada Barr - Firestorm / High Country (Anna Pigeon Mysteries)
Richard Barre - Wil Hardesty novels
William Barrons - The San Diego Police Homicide Detail series
George Baxt - Jacob Singer Hollywood Murder Cases (set in the 1930's & 1940's)
William Bayer - The Luzern Photograph (set in the Oakland and Vienna)
K.K. Beck - Iris Cooper series
Renee Benzaim - Annie Avant mysteries
Peter S. Berman - Tales from the Robbery-Homicide Division series
Earl Derr Biggers - selected Charlie Chan novels (The Chinese Parrot / Behind That Curtain / Keeper of the Keys)
Juliet Blackwell - Haunted Home Repair Mysteries (cosy paranormal mystery series)
Scott Blade - Without Measure (Bk 4 Jack Widow series)
Alice Blanchard - Life Sentences
Meredith Blevins - The Annie Szabo Mystery Series
Guy Bolton - The Pictures (set in 1930's Hollywood)
Todd Borg - Owen Mckenna Tahoe Mysteries
Ray Bradbury - Death is a Lonely Business
Cheryl Bradshaw - I Have a Secret (Bk 3 Sloane Monroe series)
Allison Brennan - The Prey (Bk 1 Predator Trilogy) / Prison Break Trilogy / No Evil Trilogy
Allison Brennan & Laura Griffin - Crash and Burn / Hit and Run / Lost and Found (Bks 1-3 Moreno & Hart Mysteries)
Martin Brown - The Gossiping Gourmet / The Wicked Wife / The Phantom Photographer (Bks 1-3 Murder in Marin Mysteries)
J.B. Bruff - A Child Gone Missing (Bk 2 Samuel S. Sampson Thrillers)
Harry Bryant - Hidden Palms / In & Out (Bk 1 & Novella Butch Bliss series)
Jeff Buchanan - Mr. Nick (Bk 1 Mr. Nick - set in Hollywood)
Robin Burcell - Krug and Kellog series (continuation of 70's series & TV show 'The Streets of San Francisco' originally by Carolyn Weston)
Lynn Cahoon - Tourist Trap Mysteries (Cozy series set in the coastal town of South Cove, California )
James Calder - Bill Damen Mysteries
Stephen J. Cannell - Shane Scully series
Kate Carlisle - Bibliophile Mysteries (except Bks 2 and 9) / Fixer-Upper Mysteries
J.S. Carol (James Carol) - The Killing Game
Charles L. Carson - Palmdale (Bk 2 McManus Thrillers)
Chris Carter - Detective Robert Hunter series
Raymond Chandler - Philip Marlowe series
Leonard Chang - Allen Choice mysteries (Korean American security consultant / investigator) / Crossings
Robert Charles - Murder in Turtle Bay, Alaska and Greece (set in Hawaii, Alaska, San Francisco, London, Athens and Columbia) *EBOOK
Lee Child - Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher Bk 11)
David Chill - Burnside Series
Carolyn Coker - Appearance of Evil (Andrea Perkins Mysteries)
Max Allan Collins - Angel in Black (Nathan Heller Bk 11)
Michael Connelly - Harry Bosch series
Troy Cook - The One Minute Assassin
David Corbett - Done for a Dime / The Devil's Redhead (set in Nevada and California) / Do They Know I'm Running? (set in California, Mexico and El Salvador)
Sarah Cortez & Liz Martínez (Ed) - Indian Country Noir (Akashic Noir anthology inc short story 'Another Role')
W.J. Costello - California Bust (Bk 3 Rip Lane Mysteries)
Robert Crais - Elvis Cole series
Michael Craven - Body Copy / The Detective & the Pipe Girl
Laura Crum - Gail McCarthy Mystery series (sleuthing horse vet)
David Dagley - Cale Dixon and the Moguk Murders / The Women of Cho: Heart and Seoul (Bk 1&2 Det. Cale Dixon - set in the San Franciso and Asia)
Janet Dawson - Jeri Howard Mysteries
Mark Dawson - The Driver (Bk 3 John Milton Series - set in San Francisco)
Dianne Day - Fremont Jones Mysteries
Charles Dayton - Lew Travis Mysteries (72 year old sleuth in small town California)
Jeffery Deaver - Kathryn Dance series
Pete Dexter - Train
Alan Dale Dickinson - Charlie O'Brien, Private Investigator / Kidnap Country (Bk 1-2 Charlie O'Brien P.I. - set in L.A.)
Tyler Dilts - A King of Infinite Space
Gaylord Dold - The Devil to Pay / Schedule Two (both set in San Fransisco)
Vicki Doudera - Deadly Offer (Bk 3 Darby Farr Mysteries)
Peter Duchin - Philip Damon series (set in the 1960's)
Avery Duff - Beach Lawyer / The Boardwalk Trust *NYP Apr 2018 (Bks 1&2 Beach Lawyer Series - set in Santa Monica)
Robert Dugoni - The 7th Canon (set in San Francisco)
Alice Duncan - Daisy Gumm Majesty Mysteries (featuring a sleuthing spiritualist and set in 1920's Pasadena apart from Bk 6 which is set in Egypt and Turkey)
Ross Van Dusen - The Scott Moss detective Series (humorous crime series set in L.A.)
Charlotte Elkins & Aaron Elkins - A Wicked Slice (Bk 1 Lee Ofsted Mysteries - golfing mystery set around Carmel and Pacific Grove) / The Art Whisperer (Bk 3 Alix London Art Mysteries - set in Palm Springs)
James Ellroy - L. A. Quartet / Underworld USA Trilogy and others
Dianne Emley - Nan Vining Mysteries (set in Pasadena)
Jon Evans - Dark Places (apa Trail of the Dead set in San Francisco, Indonesia, Nepal and Cameroon)
Ben Ezzell - Buddy, Can You Spare A Crime?
Terence Faherty - Scott Elliott Mysteries
Nancy Fairbanks - Chocolate Quake (Bk 4 Carolyn Blue Mysteries)
Jerrilyn Farmer - Madeline Bean Culinary Mysteries (except bk 7)
Christa Faust - Angel Dare series
Robert Ferrigno - various titles
G.P. Field - The Castro '76 (An Israel Wren Mystery - short story)
Cher Fischer - Falling into Green (Eco-Mystery)
Peter S Fischer - The Hollywood Murder Mysteries
Bill Fitzhugh - The Exterminators (Bk 2 Assassin Bug Thrillers - this one set mainly in LA)
Joseph Flynn - Ron Ketchum Mysteries and others
Rebecca Forster - Josie Bates 'Witness Series'
David Freed - Cordell Logan Mysteries (series based in California but including other locations, Bk 4 is set Vietnam)
Brian Freeman - The Night Bird / The Voice Inside *NYP Jan 2018 (Bks 1&2 Frost Easton Mysteries - set in San Fransisco)
Scott Frost - Alex Delillo series
Zac Funstein - The Huntington Beach Mystery
Susy Gage - A Slow Cold Death (Pasadena, Physics Dept.)
Meg Gardiner - Evan Delaney series
Erle Stanley Gardner - Perry Mason
Brad Geagley - The Stand (set mainly in Hollywood)
Gary J. George - The House of Three Murders / Horse Hunts /Mojave Desert Sanctuary (Bk 1-3 Smoke River Mysteries - Mojave desert settings)
Daryl Wood Gerber - Cookbook Nook Mysteries (cosy series)
Danielle Girard - The Rookie Club series / Dr. Schwartzman series (both set in San Francisco)
Jaqueline Girdner - The Kate Jasper Mysteries (New Age Mystery series)
Hal Glatzer - Too Dead to Swing (Bk 2 Katy Green Mystery set in the 1940's)
Joe Gores - Spade & Archer (Sam Spade pequel) / DKA File series and others
Heywood Gould - Green Light for Murder (Bk 1 Detective Tommy Veasy Mysteries - new series)
Sue Grafton - Kinsey Millnone books
Jon Gregory - Run for the Money (set in San Francisco and Puerto Rico)
Duane Gundrum - Absent Without Leave (Military Police investigation at the Presidio) / Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Darren Hackett - The Antiquity: An L.A. Crime Novel
Rebecca M. Hale - Cats and Curios Mystery series
Gemma Halliday - High Heels Mysteries
Timothy Hallinan - Junior Bender series / Simeon Grist P. I. series
Denise Hamilton - Eve Diamond mysteries / Los Angeles Noir / Los Angeles Noir 2: The Classics (Editor - short story collections)
Dashiell Hammet - Sam Spade series
Joseph Hansen - Dave Brandstetter series
Dianne Harman - Murder & The Monkey Band / Murder & The Secret Cave (Bk 1&2 High Desert Cozy Mystery Series) / Murder in Calico Gold (Bk 6 Cedar Bay Cozy series) / Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery series
Will Harriss - The Bay Psalm Book Murder / Timor Mortis (Bks 1&2 Cliff Dunbar - set in LA) / Noble Rot (set in Napa Valley wine country)
Maryelizabeth Hart (Ed) - San Diego Noir (Akashic Noir - short story anthology)
Seth Harwood - Jack Palms novels (set in San Francisco)
Michael Haskins - Revenge (Mick Murphy Mysteries - set at Harvard in Massachusetts and in Los Angeles)
L.C. Hayden - Ill Conceived / Vengence in My Heart (Bk 1&2 The Aimee Brant Mystery Series - Bk 2 set in California and Cozumel, Mexico)
Gar Anthony Haywood - Aaron Gunner Mysteries / Cemetery Road
Paul J. Heald - Death in Eden: A Mystery (set in Burbank)
Betty Hechtman - Yarn Retreat Mysteries (cosy series)
Jenny Hilborne - Mac Jackson Mysteries / No Alibi
Chester Himes - If He Hollers Let Him Go
Naomi Hirahara - Mas Arai Mysteries (set in L.A., California and Japan except Bk 2) / Officer Ellie Rush Mysteries (set in L.A.)
Tami Hoag - Oak Knoll series / Kill the Messenger
Steve Hockensmith - The Black Dove (Bk 03 Holmes on the Range Mysteries - set in the 19th Century)
Leonard Holton - Father Bredder Mysteries (except Bk 4 which is set in Portugal)
Keith Houghton - Killing Hope (Bk 1 Gabe Quinn)
David Hunt -Kay Farrow series
Charlie Huston - The Shotgun Rule
Ty Hutchinson - Chop Suey / Stroganov / Loco Moco (Bk 1-3 Darby Stansfield series - all set partly in San Francisco and variously in Hong Kong / Russia & Ukraine / and Hawaii) / Tenderloin / Russian Hill / Coit Tower (Bk 2, 3&5 Abby Kane FBI Thriller / Bks 1&3 'Chasing Chinatown Trilogy' sub series - set in San Francisco)
Joe Ide - IQ (set in Los Angeles)
Jonnie Jacobs - Kali O'Brien Mysteries
Ryan David Jahn - Low Life / Good Neighbors (also published as 'Acts of Violence') / The Last Tomorrow
Denis Johnson - Nobody Move
Hollis Johnson - Apache Spies (set in LA)
William W. Johnstone - Massacre at Whiskey Flats (Bk 2 Sidewinders - Western Mystery / Adventure)
R.T. Jordan - Polly Pepper Mysteries (except Bk 4)
Robert Joseph - Deadly Desire / Dangerous Deception / Lethal Legacy (Bks 1,3&5 Raff Rafferty Mystery Series)
Stuart M. Kaminsky - Toby Peters Mysteries (set in the 1940's)
Susan Kandel - Cece Caruso Mysteries
Marshall Karp - Lomax and Biggs series
Faye Kellerman - Decker & Lazarus series
Jonathan Kellerman - Alex Delaware series
Beverly M. Kelley - Hunter Triplets Mystery series
Karen Keskinen - Blood Orange / Black Current / Dragon Fruit (Bks 1-3 Jaymie Zarlin Mysteries - set in Santa Barbara)
Karen Kijewski - Kat Colorado series
James Kilgore - Prudence Couldn't Swim / Sister Mercy's Revenge (Bks 1&2 Calvin Winter and Redeye)
Harper Kim - A Quiet Neighbor (Detective Kylie Kang)
Laurie R. King - Kate Martinelli series / Locked Rooms (Mary Russell Mysteries Bk 8)
Patricia Kishel - Death on Parade (set on Pasadena)
Andrew Klavan - Weiss and Bishop series
Harley Jane Kozak - Wollie Shelley Mysteries
Ken Kuhlken - Tom Hickey California Century series
Bette Golden Lamb & J. J. Lamb - The Gina Mazzio Series (Medical Mystery Thrillers - set in San Francisco)
Michael Lamendola - Sal and Buddy: Red Fox Series
Jerold Last - The Body in the Parking Structure / The Deadly Dog Show / Five Quickies For Roger And Suzanne / Hunter Down / Abra Cadaver (Bks 4, 6,7,12 & 14 Roger and Suzanne Mysteries) *EBOOKS
Barbara Cool Lee - Pajaro Bay Mystery series (cozy crime)
Elmore Leonard - selected titles
Phillip Lesbirel - The Spider's of My Mind (The Detective O'Neil Murder Mysteries)
John Lescroat - Dismas Hardy series / Abe Glitsky series
Dick Lochte - Leo Bloodworth and Serendipity Dahl Mysteries
M. Louisa Locke - Victorian San Francisco Mysteries series
Lisa Lutz - Izzy Spellman Mysteries
D.P. Lyle - Devil's Playground (Bk 1 Samantha Cody series)
John D. MacDonald - The Quick Red Fox / Free Fall in Crimson (Bk 4 & 19 Travis McGee mysteries - set in Florida, Hollywood)
Paul MacDonald - Smile Now, Cry Later / The Eternal Summer (Bks 1&2 Chuck Restic Private Investigator Series)
Ross Macdonald - Lew Archer series
R. Scott Mackey - Ray Courage Private Investigator series (set in Sacramento)
Tim Maleeny - Cape Weathers Investigations
Howard R. Malis - The Killing Gene
William Mansfield - Alexander Wright Mystery series (set in Laguna Beach)
Peter Maravelis (Ed) - San Francisco Noir / San Francisco Noir 2: The Classics (Akashic Noir - short story anthologies)
Paul D. Marks - White Heat (Bk 1 P.I. Duke Rogers) / Vortex (L.A. Noir)
L.J. Martin & Bob Burton - Dev Shannon: Manhunter series (series set in California with side trips to other locations)
Steve Martini - Paul Madriani series
Micheal Maxwell - Cole Sage Mysteries (mainly set in San Francisco - except Bk 1 & 4)
RJ McDonnell - Rock & Roll Mystery Series (set in San Diego)
Cody McFadyen - Agent Smoky Barrett series
Marja McGraw - Bogey Man Mysteries / Sandi Webster series
Amethyst McNabb - Water Tames Fire
Claire McNab - Kylie Kendall Mysteries (lesbian crime fiction)
Elizabeth Meadows - The San Diego Homeless Murders series *EBOOKS
Ken Mercer - Will Magowan series
Victor Methos - Jon Stanton Mysteries (Bks 1-5 except 3 - set in San Diego)
Keith Miles - Double Eagle (Bk 2 Alan Saxon series - Golfing mysteries)
Margaret Millar - Beast in View / A Stranger in My Grave / How Like an Angel and other titles
Kirk Mitchell - Cry Dance (Emmett Parker and Anna Turnipseed Bk 1 - set in the mainly in Arizona / California and Nevada)
Rick Mofina - Into the Dark (set in LA)
S. J. Money - Murder Blanketed by Suicide
Bill Moody - Solo Hand / Bird Lives! / Shades of Blue / Fade to Blue (Bks 1,4,6 & 7 Evan Horne Jazz Mysteries)
Jonathan Moore - The Poison Artist (set in San Francisco) / The Dark Room (set in Pacific Grove)
Shaun Morey - Atticus Finch series (set in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Baja, California and at sea inbetween)
Michael Morley - Spree series (*EBOOK serial set in L.A)
Walter Mosley - Easy Rawlins series / Fearless Jones series
Marcia Muller - Sharon McCone Mysteries (except Bk 20)
Joseph G. Murphy - Requiem Roads (set around Mission San Miguel Arcángel)
Shirley Rousseau Murphy - Joe Grey Mysteries (Cats)
Gina B. Nahai -The Luminous Heart of Jonah S. (set in Tehran and Los Angeles)
Jonathan Nasaw - E. L. Pender series (except Bk 3)
Michael Nava - Henry Rios Mysteries
Kris Neri - Dem Bones' Revenge / Revenge for Old Times' Sake (Bks 2 & 3 Tracy Eaton Mysteries)
Adam Nicholls - Mason Black PI series (set in San Francisco)
William Nikkel - Murrieta Gold (Bk 4 Jack Ferrell Adventures)
Jim Nisbet - Dark Companion / Snitch World
Carol O'Connell - Bone by Bone
Marina Oliver - Murder in California (Bk 6 Dodie Fanshaw Mysteries) *EBOOK
Louis Owens - The Sharpest Sight / Bone Game
Abigail Padgett - Bo Bradley Mysteries
Cassie Page - A Corpse In A Teacup: A Tuesday's Tea Leaves Mystery (First in a new 'cozy' mystery series)
Stuart Palmer - The Puzzle of the Pepper Tree / Cold Poison (aka Exit Laughing) / The Puzzle of the Happy Hooligan (both in the Hildegarde Withers Mysteries series, usually set in 1930's New York)
T. Jefferson Parker - Charlie Hood series / Merci Rayborn series and many other titles
Jack Patterson - Better Off Dead (Bk 3 Cal Murphy Crime Thrillers - set San Francisco)
James Patterson - Womens murder Club and selected Alex Cross titles (Violets are Blue / London Bridges / Mary, Mary) / Private Private L.A. (Jack Morgan: Private series 1 & 8)
Bart Paul - Under Tower Peak (Bk 1 - set in California’s Sierra Nevada)
Ridley Pearson - Probable Cause (set in Carmel, California)
Don Pendleton - Joe Copp Private Eye Series
Linda Pendleton - Roulette: The Search for the Sunrise Killer
Mike Pettit - John Locke series - (set mainly in and around LA)
Clyde Phillips - Detective Jane Candiotti Series
Gary Phillips - Ivan Monk Mysteries / Orange County Noir (Editor - Akashic Noir short story anthology)
Tom Pitts - Piggyback
Bill Pronzini - Nameless Detective series / Snowbound (set in The Sierra Nevadas)
David Putnam - Bruno Johnson Thrillers (most of the action takes place in Los Angeles)
T.R. Ragan - Lizzy Gardner series (set in Sacremento)
Misa Ramirez - Lola Cruz Mysteries
Will Rayner - Flood Warning / Lethal Streets (1&2 Flood and Flood Mysteries - set in 1930's San Francisco and L.A respectively) *EBOOKS
Nina Revoyr - Southland
T. Dawn Richard - May List Mysteries (senior citizen mysteries)
Doug Richardson - Blood Money / 99 Percent Kill / Reaper (Bks 1-3 Lucky Dey series)
Les Roberts - Saxon Mysteries
Peter Robinson - No Cure For Love
Mark Rogers - Koreatown Blues (set in LA's Koreatown)
Gordon R. Ross - Dead Eyes / Dead Silence / Dead Certain (Three Times Dead!: Matt Jagger, P.I. Trilogy)
Rebecca Rothenberg - Claire Sharples botanical mysteries
Kirk Russell - A Killing in China Basin (Ben Raveneau series) / John Marquez series
Sebastian Rotella - Triple Crossing (Bk 1 Valentine Pescatore - set in San Diego and Tjuana)
Alan Russell - Burning Man / Guardians of the Night / Lost Dog (Bks 1-3 Gideon and Sirius series set in L.A.) / St. Nick (Christmas Crime set in San Diego)
Ben Sanders - Marshall's Law (Bk 2 Marshall Grade)
Stephen Santogrossi - A Stranger Lies There
John Schulian - A Better Goodbye (set in L.A.)
Richard B. Schwartz - Jack Grant Mysteries
Stephen Jay Schwartz - Hayden Glass series
"Mark Paul" Sebar - The Sheriff Wyler Scott Series *EBOOKS
Barbara Seranella - Munch Mancini series
Dell Shannon - Luis Mendoza Mysteries
John Shannon - Jack Liffey mysteries
Zoё Sharp - Fourth Day (Charlie Fox Mysteries)
Jeff Shaw - Concrete Evidence (Bk 1 Calaveras County series)
Johnny Shaw - Dove Season (Jimmy Veeder Fiasco)
Jeff Shelby - Thread of Hope (Bk 1 Joe Tyler Series)
Sheldon Siegel - Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez Mysteries (set in San Francisco)
Henry Simpson - A Splendid Little Murder / Island of Spirits (Bks 1&2 Ed Lane series set on La Tempestad island off the coast of California)
B.A. Smith - Death at Painted Cave (Bk 1 Robin Crane Mysteries)
Julie Smith - Rebecca Schwartz mysteries / Paul McDonald mysteries
Jessica Speart - Blue Twilight (Rachel Porter mysteries Bk 8)
Sharon St. George - Aimee Machado Mystery series
P.A. Staes - The Bruges Tapestry (historical mystery set in present day Newport Beach and 16th c. Belgium)
Kelli Stanley - Miranda Corbie series
Dave Stanton - Dan Reno P. I. series (Lake Tahoe)
Matthew Stokoe - Empty Mile
Sam Stone - Carl Porter Mystery series (set in LA)
Brad Stratton - Colored Waters (Bk 1 Michael Chambers mysteries)
Tom Straw - The Trigger Episode
Barbara Sullivan - Unraveling Ada, a Quilted Mystery novel (Cleveland National Forest)
Duane Swierczynski - Charlie Hardie Trilogy
C.L. Swinney - Full Circle (The Bill Dix Detective Series Book 4)
Joseph Telushkin - Rabbi Daniel Winter Mysteries
Joseph Telushkin & Allen Estrin - Heaven's Witness
Boston Teran - God Is a Bullet / Never Count Out the Dead / Prince of Deadly Weapons
Ross Thomas - Chinaman's Chance
Steven M. Thomas - Criminal Paradise / Criminal Karma (Bks 1&2 Robert Rivers) and Chase The Rabbit (set in NYC and California)
Jack Thompson - The Color of Greed (Bk 1 Raja Williams Mysteries - set LA)
Jerry Thompson & Eddie Muller (Ed) - Oakland Noir (crime stories anthology)
Michaela Thompson - Paper Phoenix (A Mystery of San Francisco in the '70s - cozy crime)
Newton Thornburg - Dreamland (set in Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley)
Ronald Tierney - Bks 1-4 Paladino and Lang Series / Good to the Last Kiss (A Vincent Gratelli Mystery)
Emily Toll (aka Taffy Cannon) - Murder Will Travel / Murder Pans Out (Booked for Travel Mysteries Bk 1&2)
Jennifer Tynes - Wrong Assumptions
Blair Underwood with Tananarive Due & Steven Barnes - Tennyson Hardwick series
Jack Vance - Sheriff Joe Bain series (set in San Rodrigo County, California)
D. D. VanDyke - California Corwin P. I. Mystery series
Marcos Villatoro - A Venom Beneath the Skin / Minos (Ramilia Chacon series)
Ayelet Waldman - Mommy Track Mysteries
Woodrow W. Walker - Buck Ames Mysteries
Nathan Walpow - Joe Portugal Mysteries
Joseph Wambaugh - Hollywood Station books / The Onion Field (and others)
Pat Welch - Helen Black Mysteries (Except Bk 4 - lesbian fiction)
Carolyn Weston - original 'Krug and Kellog' series (formed the basis of 70's TV series 'The Streets of San Francisco' now continued by Robin Burcell)
Mark Wheaton - Fields of Wrath / City of Strangers (Bks 1&2 Luis Chavez) / The Cleaners (Vol 1 Absent Bodies) / Bones series (K-9 Dog in Apocalyptic setting)
W.H. Wheeler - The Harry Logan Mysteries series *EBOOKS
Gloria White - Ronnie Ventana Mysteries
Barry Wiley - The Tarot Problem (Bk 1 Steele Mackaye Investigations)
Charles Williamson - Black Dot / Green Glow (Bks 1&2 Jack Dunn: Cyber-Detective series - SFCrime set in mid 21St century)
Ken Winkler - Never Recovered (Bk 1 Tim Adams Trilogy - set in Santa Monica, Bangkok, Burma and the Himalayas)
Don Winslow - Boone Daniels books and others
Ariel S. Winter - The Twenty-Year Death (Three books in one each written in the style of a Crime great - The middle story is set in 1940's L.A.)
Simon Wood - Paying The Piper (set in San Francisco) / Accidents Waiting to Happen / We All Fall Down ... and others
Paula L. Woods - Charlotte Justice series
Stuart Woods - Stone Barrington Mysteries / Rick Barron Mysteries
Edward Wright - John Ray Horn Series
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Bad Medicine / False Notes / Poison Fruit / Cat's Claw (Bks 1-4 Charlie Spotted Moon Mysteries)
Loren Zahn - Dirty Little Murders / Deadly Little Secrets (Bks 1&2 Theo Hunter - set in San Diego)
James W. Ziskin - Heart of Stone (Bk 5 Ellie Stone Mysteries Series - this one set in 60's LA)

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# USA - A-Z State by state CO-DC

# Colorado

Peter Abresch - Painted Lady (Bk 4 James P. Dandy Elderhostel series - set in Colorado and New Mexico on the Santa Fe Trail)
Sarah Andrews - A Fall in Denver / Dead Dry (Em Hansen Mysteries Bk 2 and 10 in part)
David Archer - Sam Prichard Mysteries (Bks 1-5)
Michael Arches - Flint Harrington Mysteries
Nevada Barr - Ill Wind / Hard Truth (Anna Pigeon Mysteries)
Rose Beecham - Judy Devine series
Mike Befeler - Living With Your Kids Is Murder (Bk 2 Paul Jacobsen: Geezer-Lit Mystery)
J.v.L. Bell - The Lucky Hat Mine
Mark Bernhard - The Murder of Crows (A Tom Greer Mystery)
Pat Bertram - More Deaths Than One
D. L. Birchfield - Black Silk Handkerchief (Hom-astubby Mysteries Bk 1)
Michelle Black - The Second Glass of Absinthe (Bk 3 Eden Murdoch - historical mystery series set in the late 19th c. American West)
Vickie Britton & Loretta Jackson - The Vanished Lady
Jeff Carson - David Wolf Mystery series
JoAnn Chaney - What You Don't Know (set in Denver)
Lee Child - Nothing to Lose (Jack Reacher series)
Mark Cohen - Pepper Keane Mysteries
Max Allan Collins - Majic Man (Nathan Heller Bk 10 - set in Washington DC and New Mexico)
Hervey Copeland - No man's land (set in the Colorado Rockies)
Craig Copland - The Brand of the Flying Four (Bk 2 Reverend Ezekiel Black Western Mysteries)
Lala Corriere - Widow's Row
Sandra Dallas - Tallgrass
Diane Mott Davidson - Goldy-the-Caterer series
R.E. Derouin - David Dean Mysteries
Laura DiSilverio - Charlie Swift Mysteries
James Doss - Charlie Moon series
Zachary Alan Fox - When The Wind Blows
Deborah Garner - Hutchins Creek Cache (Bk 4 Paige MacKenzie Mysteries)
Scott Graham - Mountain Rampage (Bk 2 National Park Mysteries - Rocky Mountain National Park)
Robert Greer - CJ Floyd Mysteries
R.S. Guthrie - Black Beast / Reckoning (Bks 1&3 Bobby Mac - set around Denver)
Kristen Heitzman - Indivisible
Carolyn Q. Hunter - The Diner of the Dead Series (except Bk 6)
C L Hutchins - Claim of Death / Deadly Bingo (Bk 1&2 Red Feather Mysteries set in the 1950's)
Melanie Jackson - Snow Angel (Bk 12:Chloe Boston Mysteries)
R.J. Jagger - Nick Teffinger Thrillers (series based in Denver)
William W. Johnstone - Mankiller, Colorado (Bk 4 Sidewinders - Western Mystery / Adventure)
Karin Kaufman - Anna Denning Mysteries
Donna Marie Lanheady - When Innocence Falls (Bk 1 Wills Creek Series)
D. W. Linden - Sand Creek / Rocky Ford / By The River Of Lost Souls (Bk 1-3 Johnny Hart Mysteries)
Emily Littlejohn - Inherit the Bones / A Season to Lie (Bks 1&2 Detective Gemma Monroe Mysteries)
D.P. Lyle - Double Blind (Bk 2 Samantha Cody series)
Rob MacGregor - Hawk Moon (Bk 2 Will Lansa Mysteries - YA Crime series involving Hopi indians)
Lorena McCourtney - Stranded (Bk 4 Ivy Malone Mysteries ~ Sleuthing Christian OAP with a Motorhome)
Adrian McKinty - Fifty Grand (set in Havana, Cuba and Coloado) / Hidden River
James Michael - Return to Trinidad *EBOOK
Margaret Mizushima - Killing Trail / Stalking Ground / Hunting Hour (Bks 1-3 Timber Creek K-9 Mysteries)
Chris Mooney - Fear the Dark (Bk 5 Darby McCormick)
D.E. Morley - When Annie Went Missing
Lee Mossel - More Than 100% Dead (Bk 3 Cortlandt Scott Crime Thrillers)
Bruce W. Most - Ruby Dark series
Barbara Nickless - Blood on the Tracks / Dead Stop *NYP Oct 2017 (Bks 1&2 Sydney Rose Parnell series - set in Denver)
B.J. Oliphant (aka Sheri S. Tepper) - Shirley McClintock Mysteries Bks 1-3 only
A.J. Orde (aka Sheri S. Tepper) - Jason Lynx Mysteries
Renee Pawlish - Reed Ferguson Mystery series (set in Denver)
Nancy Pickard - The Blue Corn Murders (Eugenia Potter Bk 5 - follow on series)
C. K. Phillips - Echoes of Skeletons Past (Bk 2 Kents & Lander series)
Manuel Ramos - Luis Montez series / Moony's Road to Hell
Ann Ripley - The Perennial Killer (Bk 5 Gardening Mysteries)
W.L. Ripley - Storme Front (A Wyatt Storme Thriller Book 2) / Cole Springer Mysteries series
Sara Robbins - Aspen Valley Inn Series *EBOOKS
Jeffery Sealing - The Case of the Phantom Bullet: From the Case Files of Attorney Daniel Marcos
Maggie Sefton - Knitting Mysteries
Jeff Shelby - Thread of Betrayal (Bk 3 Joe Tyler Series)
Elizabeth Sherry - Alone and Afraid / On the Run / Not Her Baby (Bks 1-3 Rocky Mountain Home Series) *EBOOKS
Mark Stevens - Allison Coil Mysteries
Erik Storey - Nothing Short of Dying / A Promise to Kill (Bks 1&2 Clyde Barr Thrillers)
Matthew Sullivan - Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore (set in Denver)
Stephen White - Alan Gregory series
Paula F. Winskye - The Reverend Finds His Calling / The Reverend, Meth, & Murder / The Reverend Delivers (Bks 1,3&5 Tony Wagner Mysteries - Christian mysteries)
Dave Zeltserman - Fast Lane
Thomas Zigal - Kurt Muller Mysteries

# Connecticut

Sara Barton - Scarlet Wilson Mystery series
Laurien Berenson - Melanie Travis dog mysteries
Lois J. Blackburn - Old Secrets Never Die (Bashia Gordon Mysteries)
Annette Blair - Vintage Magic Mysteries (main character runs a vintage clothing boutique)
Amy Bloom (Ed) - New Haven Noir (Akashic Noir - short story anthology) *NYP Aug 2017
Joyce Christmas - Betty Trenka Mystery Series
Stephen Dobyns - Is Fat Bob Dead Yet?
Stephanie Gayle - Idyll Fears (A Thomas Lynch Novel)
Jane Haddam - Fountain of Death / Skeleton Key / Hearts of Sand (Bks 12/16 & 28 Gregor Demarkian Mysteries)
Parnell Hall - Puzzle Lady Mysteries
David Handler - Berger and Mitry series
Rosemary Harris - Dirty Business Mysteries
Nancy Ann Healy - Untold (Alex and Cassidy Book 5)
Roberta Isleib - Advice Column mysteries
Judith K. Ivie - Kate Lawrence Mysteries
Lucille Kallen - C. B. Greenfield series
Jim Lacey - Double Trouble (A Ryan & Lehrer Mystery - set in Connecticut, New York City and Washington, DC)
Andrew Lanh - Caught Dead (Bk 1 Rick Van Lam Mysteries set in the Vietnamese-American community in Hartford, CT)
Lynn Marron - ORR: The Nobel Prize Murder / ORR: Fatal DNA (Bks 1&2 Grace Farrington Mysteries)
John R. Maxim - Paul Bannerman series)
Jenn McKinlay - Library Lover Mysteries
Colleen McCullough - Carmine Delmonico series
Amy Patricia Meade - Marjorie McClelland Mysteries (except Bk 4 - series set in the 1930's)
Kate Morgenroth - They Did It With Love
Liz Mugavero - Pawsitively Organic Mysteries
Kris Nelscott - War at Home (Bk 6 Smokey Dalton - set in Chicago, Hartford CT. and New York)
Karen E. Olson - Annie Seymour Mysteries (cosy series with cats and dogs)
Ann Ripley - The Garden Tour Affair (Bk 4 Gardening Mysteries)
Justin Scott - Benn Abbott series
Pamela Thomas-Graham - Blue Blood (Bk 2 Ivy League Mysteries)
CJ Verburg (Carol Verburg) - Silent Night Violent Night (a Cory Goodwin Mystery Book 1)
Wendy Walker - All Is Not Forgotten
Hillary Waugh - A Death in a Town / The Missing Man / Chief Fred Fellows series (crime series from the 1960's)
David Wiltse - Bone Deep / Prayer for the Dead (FBI agent John Becker series)
Valerie Wolzien - Susan Henshaw Mysteries (except Bk 5)

# Delaware

Mike Billington - Corpus Delectable (Marcy Pantano Mysteries) *EBOOKS
Patricia Cornwell - Port Mortuary (set in Massachusetts but also in part at the Dover Airforce base)
J.E. Fishman - Cadaver Blues (A Phuoc Goldberg Fiasco: Bk 1 set in Wilmington and the Pocono Mountains, PA)
Fran Hasson - Allawe (set in Delaware and St Croix in the US Virgin Islands)
Crystal Heidel - Delaware State Police Homicide Unit Mysteries
Barbara Johnson - Colleen Fitzgerald Mysteries
Hunter Morgan - Are You Scared Yet? / Unspoken Fear
Katy Munger - Dead Detective Mysteries
Tom Oathout - Delawhere: A True Story of Rumors... Real and Imagined
Blake Pierce - Once Lured (Bk 4 Riley Paige Mysteries)
Kathryn Pippin - The Devil's Crossroads
J. Gregory Smith - Final Price / Legacy of the Dragon (Bk 1&2 Paul Chang Mysteries)

# District of Columbia

Sarah Andrews - Earth Colors (Em Hansen Mysteries Bk 9 - set in Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington DC and Wyoming)
David Baldacci - True Blue
Neal Barrett Jr. - Skinny Annie Blues (Bk 1 Wiley Moss Mysteries - set in D.C. and Galveston, Texas)
Kenneth Bryan - The Barricading Barbarian (Bk 3 Banger Jasko)
Ellen Crosby - The Viognier Vendetta (Bk 05 Wine Country Mysteries)
Jeffery Deaver - The Devil's Teardrop / Edge
Allen Drury - Advise and Consent series
R.J. Ellory - A Simple Act of Violence
Joel Feiss - Pickup Murder (set in Ft Lauderdale and Washington DC)
Mitch Goth - The Sunshine Spree (Bk 2 Monello & Grazer Series)
Andrew M. Greeley - The Bishop in the West Wing (Bk 13 Bishop Blackie Ryan Mysteries)
Gar Anthony Haywood - Bad News Travels Fast (Bk 2 Joe & Dottie Loudermilk 'winebago' mysteries)
Tony Hillerman - Talking God (Leaphorn and Chee Bk 9)
David Hosp - The Betrayed
Stephen Hunter - I, Sniper (Bob Lee Swagger Bk 6)
Julie Hyzy - White House Chef Mysteries
Thomas Kaufman - Willis Gidney series
Barry Lancet - The Spy Across the Table (A Jim Brodie Thriller - set in Washington DC and Tokyo)
BV Lawson - Requiem for Innocence / Dies Irae / Elegy in Scarlet (Bk 2-4 Scott Drayco Mysteries)
Mike Lawson - DeMarco Thrillers (Occasionally set elsewhere but series usually based around Washington DC)
Allison Leotta - Anna Curtis Series
Brad Meltzer - The Tenth Justice / The First Counsel
Penny Mickelbury - Carole Ann Gibson Mysteries
F. Allen Norman Jr. - Georgetown in Plainclothes
Owen Parry - Faded Coat of Blue / Shadows of Glory (Abel Jones Civil War Mysteries set in the 1860's Bk 1 set in D.C. and Pennsylvania / Bk 2 set in D.C. and Tennessee)
James Patterson - Alex Cross series
George Pelecanos - Derek Strange / Nick Stefanos / D.C. Quartet series / Spero Lucas series and other titles
George Pelecanos (Ed) - D.C. Noir / D.C. Noir 2: The Classics (Akashic Noir - short story anthologies)
Charles Prandy - Jacob Hayden Mysteries
Charles Ray - Al Pennyback Mysteries
Steve Richer - The President Killed His Wife (Bk 1 Rogan Bricks Thrillers)
Ann Ripley - Gardening Mysteries (Except Bks 2/4/5/7 & 10)
Elliott Roosevelt - Eleanor Roosevelt Mysteries (Except Bks 2/5/9/13 & 15)
Robert L Skidmore - Inspector Richard Thatcher Series
Richard Stevenson - Strachey's Folly (Bk 7 Donald Strachey Mysteries - gay mystery series)
Robert Bruce Stewart - Kalorama Shakedown (Harry Reese Mysteries Bk 3 - humorous series set in the early 1900's)
David Swinson - A Detailed Man / The Second Girl
Marjorie Thelen - Designer Detective (Fiona Marlowe Mysteries) *EBOOK
Margaret Truman - Capital Crimes Series
Neely Tucker - The Ways of the Dead / Murder, D.C. (Bks 1&2 Sully Carter series)
R. Scott Wallis - Scout's Honor (set in Virginia, Washington D.C. and Hong Kong)

5LittlemissbashfulEdited: Nov 18, 9:57pm Top

# USA - A-Z State by state FL-HI

# Florida

M. D. Abrams - Murder on the Prairie / Murder at Wakulla Springs (North Florida Mystery series)
Glynn Marsh Alam - Luanne Fogarty series (scuba diving mysteries) and standalone River Whispers
Dan Allison - All the Little Birdies / On the Whispering Wind (Bks 1&2 Jake Murdock)
Essa Alroc - The Apology (short story set in Miami)
Sarah Andrews - Killer Dust (Em Hansen Mysteries Bk 8)
Art Adkins - Slade Lockwood series
Gene (E.C.) Ayres - Lowell P.I. series
David Bain - Blood Tides (part of the Will Castleton paranormal series - set in Florida Keys)
David Baldacci - The Forgotten (Bk 2 John Puller series)
Brian Bandell - Mute
Nevada Barr- Flashback (Anna Pigeon Mysteries)
Dave Barry - Big Trouble
Nancy Bartholomew - Sierra Lavotini Mysteries
Jenna Bennett - Busman's Honeymoon (Savannah Martin Mysteries - Honeymoon Novella)
David Benson - Carina Quintana Murder Mysteries (Bk 2 onwards, except books 5&8) *EBOOKS
Mark Billingham - Rush of Blood (set in Florida and the UK)
Mike Billington - Murder in the Rainy Season *EBOOK
Scott Blade - Name Not Given (Bk 6 Jack Widow series - set in Miami) *NYP Aug 2017
James Carlos Blake - Red Grass River
Jerry Blanton - Buck Jaspers Mysteries
James O. Born - Bill Tasker series / Alex Duarte series
Don Bruns - 'Stuff' series / South Beach Shakedown (Mick Server Bk 3)
Edna Buchanan - Cold Case Squad series
Jimmy Buffett - Where Is Joe Merchant? (from Key West to the Caribbean by seaplane)
Lucy Burdette - Key West Food Critic Mysteries
Kenneth Bryan - Cucumber Smith PI series (set around Clearwater) / Banger's Involuntary Recall (Bk 6 Banger Jasko - set in Florida and Afghanistan)
Stella Cameron - Key West
Diane Capri - Judge Willa Carson: Hunt For Justice Series (except Bk 7)
James Carol - Hush Little Baby (Bk 2 Jefferson Winter novellas)
William P. Case - South Caicos Tailwind (set in Florida, Colombia and TCI)
Thomas B. Cavanagh - Murderland & the Mike Garrity Mysteries
Lee Child - Tripwire (Jack Reacher series)
David Ciambrone - Pelican Cove (A Virginia Davies mystery - set in the Florida Keys)
Blaize Clement - Dixie Hemingway “Pet Sitter” Mysteries
Patrick Cody - A Fool's Death
Ann Turner Cook - Brandy O'Bannon Mysteries
Tom Corcoran - Alex Rutledge series
W.J. Costello - Florida Son (Bk 2 Rip Lane Mysteries)
Bill Craig - Key West Mysteries series / Decker P.I. Smugglers' Blues