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pandora ringer

браслеты и чары пандоры
pandora ilmaiseksi
pandora ringar till salu
pandora butik online "But the gypsy wedding I attended was all rejoicing and beauty - albeit of a rather uncivilised kind, which made it all the more exciting. The lovely 17 year old bride, our neighbour Paqui, walked down from El Coro (our gypsy neigbourhood) in a cloud of white chiffon on the arm of her father, Conejo (Rabbit, as he is known), between two rows of admiring neighbours - even the payos came out to gape. In the great round church, the mothers of bride and groom stood by the altar until the priest had finished his standard sermon and then, with great feeling, sang lamenco marriage chants into the microphone, one of which, I remember, spoke of the union of "gitano con gitana". As they left the church, a white dove was released into the air, a symbol of the bride's purity, soon to fly away."

Why Won't You Die?


"Stop that! Stop... not-dying!"
Freeza, Dragon Ball Z Abridged

An old and well-used Stock Phrase, most frequently used by villains who have seen a Made of Iron hero calmly walk through Death Traps, fight their way out of a carefully laid ambush, Outrun the Fireball from an explosion, or pull a Scope Snipe on their highly paid killers. And really, at that point, can you blame them?

Variations: "What does it take to kill you?", "How many times do I have to kill you?", "Just die already!" and "Why won't you STAY dead?!!", which are generally reserved for when the hero comes Back from the Dead, or returns after a No One Could Survive That! and/or Never Found the Body scenario.

Although it's far more common for the villains to say it, it's not exclusive to them. If it's a good guy saying it, it will most commonly come from a Muggle type of hero or character about some supernatural or Implacable Man villain, or by someone who is closer to the Anti-Hero side of the Morality Axis than to Ideal Hero and is getting frustrated with their enemy seeming to have Joker Immunity. Subtrope of Staying Alive. Contrast Dead to Begin With.

See also Healing Factor and Pulling Themselves Together for reasons that these people/things will not stay dead. Also Prepare to Die and You Have No Chance to Survive for what this trope defies. For Video Game Boss Battle equivalents that can provoke this reaction in players, see Marathon Boss, Sequential Boss and Damage-Sponge Boss. Compare and contrast Suicide Dare for expressing the wish that someone would take a more active role in their death.

NOTE: This trope is about when the phrase (or something similar) is said in the story. For dead characters whose deaths never seem to "stick," see Death Is Cheap.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Anti-hero Guts and the monsters that he fights say this back and forth to each other in Berserk, Guts due to the demons' supernatural toughness and endurance, and the demons due to Guts' Made of Iron stature and his sheer refusal to die.
  • In Bleach,
    • Szayel Aporro says this to Mayuri during their fight. "Why?! I destroyed all of your organs and tendons! So why won't you die?!"
    • Nnoitra screams this during his fight with Kenpachi, who is not only taking all of his attacks without apparently feeling them but is also laughing with glee even as he gets torn apart. "You've pissed me off long enough. Die, God Damnit!"
    • Driscoll's Famous Last Words were to ask Yamamoto to die already after his stolen attack had no effect on him. Yamamoto then reduced him to a pile of ashes.
    • Candice says this to Kenpachi when she zaps him with lightning twice and Meninas punches him into a crater. The Red Shirts of Squad 11 shout this to Giselle Gewelle after she shows no signs of pain and keeps talking when they slash her from shoulder to stomach.
    • Ichibei thinks he has thoroughly defeated Yhwach and has crushed his opponent to death like a feeble, black ant, until he finds Yhwach standing behind him. He demands to know why Yhwach won't die, which leads to the reveal of Yhwach's true abilities.
  • Anyone who encounters an Abyssal One or Priscilla in Claymore will end up thinking this.
  • Fans of Dragon Ball Z have certainly said this enough times while watching some of the fights, But two times of characters saying it comes to mind: when Frieza is fighting Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan, he begins to wonder if they're immortal because they keep coming back. (Then he notices Dende healing them). Later he says a variant when Goku reveals he's Not Quite Dead. There are probably plenty more.
    • Vegeta utters this line word-for-word while blasting at a regenerating Meta Cooler.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: "How many times do I have to kill you before you die?"
    • Though in this case it's treated more as an annoyance.
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Sousuke has a variant of this towards Gauron, most notably in TSR where Sousuke pretty much cries out, "But you're supposed to be—" with Gauron finishing, "dead?".
  • This happens in Fushigi Yuugi before the final battle. Complete with a freakin' Power Walk.
    Nakago: (to Tamahome) Damn you... I thought you were dead.
  • Gantz manga: The Nurarihyon fight went on and on and on, suffering quite a few explosive "deaths," just to show up in yet ANOTHER form. It gets to the point where one of the team members bemoans how this fight just never ends.
  • Nike, The Dragon in Air Gear can take horrendous amounts of punishment. In every single battle he's been in, he's been taken down only to get back up for more mutual asskicking with his opponent. In his fights, he tends to actually take more damage than his opponents do, but his vast endurance helps him survive when his opponents generally don't. His refusal to stay down has several characters saying, or at least thinking, "What the hell does it take to put this monster down?"
  • Hellsing: At some point in the series, almost every recurring character receives this line or similar for their astounding survivability. One noteworthy instance of Alucard's insane durability has him flying a stealth plane at breakneck speed into a vampire Nazi-controlled battleship, wading into a hail of bullets and grenades from its crew, then taking over a dozen gut shots from an enchanted bullet the size of his noggin.
  • Polnareff says this to Vanilla Ice in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure after stabbing him all the way in the mouth. Vanilla Ice tells him that he "doesn't have time for dying", but Polnareff later realizes that he had been made into a vampire by Dio and can't be killed by such means.
  • Spoken word-for-word in Nabari no Ou by Kannuki-sensei after Kouichi was shot in the heart and came back to life.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • When Asuka's trying to stab an Angel that's been so strengthened by hatching in an active volcano, her knife can't pierce it: "Die, damn you!"
    • There is also Asuka fighting the 14th angel. "Why won't you collapse damn you!?"
    • A much, much nastier example can be found in End of Evangelion. This happens three times, maybe. The first is when the JSSDF decide to try and destroy Unit 02 with a battleship, a couple of artillery and tank battalions and a small army. Needless to say, they fail. Then Asuka fights the nine Mass Production Evas. She kills them all. And then they regenerate, despite being cut in half, missing the head, missing an arm etc. Asuka probably was thinking this, except for the fact she had been stabbed in the eye with a lance. Then, Unit 02 and Asuka are still alive after having been eviscerated, eaten and stabbed. And she tries to reach up and attack them. So they split her arm and impale her again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And then they run out of spears, but by that time, Unit 02 and Asuka are both already dead.
      • And then, just to be sure, they take some of the remains and eat on-the-fly, and drop them as soon as EVA-01 shows up.
    • In the original Gainax Ending, Rei asks "Why am I still alive?"
    • In the original version of EVA-01 versus Zeruel, Zeruel still has the stamina to moan, even as it is being eaten. Don't ask how, it just won't die.
      • In the Rebuild Version of this battle, Zeruel kept getting beaten up for about 20 minutes, before EVA-01 and Shinji initiate Third Impact and cause Zeruel to explode in a huge explosion of blood (not as much as Sahaquiel, though. It flooded Tokyo-3 completely by dying).
  • Speaking of someone named Asuka, there is also Shinn Asuka from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.
    • Shinn to Kira Yamato in brand new, flashy, and stronger Strike Freedom after Shinn thought he was already dead when Shinn destroyed the old/original Freedom.
      • "Bastard! Why won't you go down?? FALL!!"
    • In the same battle, interfering Athrun Zala also invoked Shinn to say this trope, complete with his Heroic B.S.O.D. tone.
      • "Athrun..?? But I.. killed you.."
    • Kira himself invoke this trope in the final episode to Rey Za Burrel after he realized Rey is a cloned "younger brother/successor" of previous installment's Big Bad, Rau Le Creuset, which himself also a cloned human, also complete with his Heroic B.S.O.D..
      • "But.. it can't be you!! Why did you come back??"
  • One Piece: Crocodile asked this question of Luffy after impaling him and dehydrating him, in that order.
    • A lot of Luffy's pre-Time Skip opponents were pretty much asking this question towards the end of their fights with him — the thing is, Luffy doesn't know how to die.
    • Silent one from Arlong, after ripping off Zoro's bandage and seeing his wound. He's so shocked that Zoro managed to fight in such a condition that he decides he has to kill him as quickly as possible, because he's scared of what Zoro might do if he remained alive.
  • Koichiro Kase has this reaction towards the end of an episode of Wei