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Will my phone get updated to Marshmallow? Our list of confirmations, guesses and wild speculation

By Jerry Hildenbrand Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015 at 2:18 pm EDT

When a new version of Android is released, talk immediately shifts to when (and if) it will be released for individual models of phones and tablets. Since Google doesn't distribute Android the way other companies — like Apple or Microsoft or BlackBerry do — and instead provides the code to build it, a lot depends on the folks who made your phone and how much time and money they want to spend on updating it. Which in turn leads to questions and anxiety about getting the latest version.

Google provides updates and new versions for all of their own devices less than 18 months old, but they can't force other companies to follow suit. Most of the big-name manufacturers do provide support for recently-built models, though. In the end, however, it's always one big waiting game for most of us.

While some companies have already talked about which models will be updated to Android Marshmallow, there is still a bit of soothsaying and prophecy involved in any online article talking about which models will — and which models won't — be updated. This one is no different. Read on for all the specifics and speculations!


Nexus 6

These phones and other devices will be updated to Marshmallow, or already have been updated:

These will not be receiving the Marshmallow update and are now deprecated:


Moto X pure edition

Oh Motorola. What a mess you're in right now, and it's all about your Marshmallow plans.

Here's a list of phones that will be updated to Android 6.

Noticeably missing are the latest Moto E and carrier variants of the 2014 Moto X. Not noticeably missing is the community outrage about the whole situation. While I'm sure nobody outside of a Motorola corporate office knows everything about these decisions, one thing is certain — sliding down from a pinnacle is much easier than climbing up. Here's hoping they rethink this big mess.


HTC One M9

HTC's Jason Mackenzie gave us a list of phones to be updated via Twitter, and here they are:

The HTC One M7 (one of my favorite HTC phones ever) will not be getting updated. I'll pour out a bottle of Marshmallow Smirnoff on the curb for my old friend.


Galaxy S6

Samsung hasn't publicly (read: officially) announced a comprehensive list of phones that will receive the Android 6 update. That won't stop us from guessing. Here's how we think it will go down.

We think these Samsung phones and tablets will receive the Marshmallow update:

We think these phones might get the Marshmallow update, but we're not going to be holding our breath:

Anything else (and Samsung makes about a million different models) is unknown. If your Samsung phone or tablet is less than 18 months old, have hope. If not, have some of that Marshmallow Vodka before I pour it all out on the curb.



LG's Korea support pages list these phones as confirmed for the Android 6.0 update:

We're pretty sure US and carrier versions will also get some Marshmallow from LG. Also, this short list has the phones we were almost sure about. I'll add the G Flex and G Flex 2 to that list (as a wild guess) and stop there.

Like Samsung, LG makes a bunch of different models. If you have a model made since mid-2014, we think it might very well see a Marshmallow update.


Xperia Z4

Talking about updates and Sony is a lot like playing craps — you never know how the dice will roll. Sometimes they are right on top of things, and others end up with all of us scratching our heads and wondering what in the world people at Sony are thinking.

Anyhoo, we're gonna guess a little bit here. It's too fun not to.

Phones and tablets that should see an Android 6.0 update:

Of course, Sony makes a lot of other phones that we never get to see in the US, That doesn't mean we don't hear a thing or two about update rumors. Here are a few phones we've heard that might also see an update:

Update — Sony has released a list of their own. They say these products will be updated:

Looks like that Z Ultra GPe dream was just that — a dream. Sadface.

Other manufacturers

ZenFone 2

2015 was the year of great unlocked phones at low prices from manufacturers that weren't on the tip of everyone's tongue. Plenty of those phones will see Android Marshmallow. Here are a few that we think will make the cut:

My phone isn't on your list!

And that doesn't mean it will never see an update to Android 6.0.

Besides Motorola (oh, Moto) and HTC, we don't have an official-like long list of phones and tablets that will definitely be updated, and there is a lot of guesswork here.

If your phone was made after June 2014, and it has a Snapdragon or Exynos processor (you can find that out in the forums if you're unsure), there is a very good chance it will be updated to Android Marshmallow.

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Reader comments

Will my phone get updated to Marshmallow? Our list of confirmations, guesses and wild speculation

210 Comments Randy 1

I'm not sure what happened my comment went before I touched send.?
Don't matter, I was saying I'm not sure if I should update after what happened with the last update.
But I don't think I have a choice? After the release of the update the phone will automatically update when it's sent out. I hope that is wrong hopefully I will have a choice to update or not.?

1 year ago Randy 1

When my Samsung S 6 Edge updated to 5.1.1 lollipop ,update screwed up my phone, to the point Samsung took it back and sent me a new S 6 Edge still in the sealed factory box sent to me overnight express with return label to send mine back.

1 year ago ammana chowdary

I am using Lenovo a6000 plus mobile is marshmallow is available for my mobile

2 years ago raven myers

Lol the G Flex didn't even see lollipop, doubt it'll see Marshmallow *cries* sad because I got one February

2 years ago Wiktor Olejniczak

Do you mean Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 from 2012 or the latest 2014 edition?

2 years ago flames_of_chaos

Don't forget T-Mobile US released a list of which devices are getting 6.0 - https://support.t-mobile.com/community/phones-tablets-devices/software-u...

2 years ago kevkavalier

i am getting sick and tired of android. No timely updates for devices and no support after 2 years? I spent good money on a Nexus 10, which is still an awesome tablet, only to get blown off by both Google and Samsuck. At least with overpriced Apple crap, everybody gets the same update at the same time and gets more than 2 year software support. These devices cost to much money to just eat it!

2 years ago Slammi

I have a Note 3 yeah I know its not the latest & greatest but just because its a little older I still think it should get the Marshmellow update.

2 years ago green2u

Wouldn't the Sony Z Ultra GPE get its update from Google directly and not from Sony? The Z Ultra GPE was released December 2013 so it's less than 2 years old. Fingers crossed!

2 years ago tolani05

I just don't get why Google can't just follow Apple's lead when it comes to updating existing Nexus devices. I'm from the UK and I'm still waiting for my OTA update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow for my Nexus 6. After all Google has only Nexus phones and tablets to worry about. Because when it comes to to control of their OS (even if it is inferior to Android) and security Apple has the advantage and even the most hardcore Android fanboy would admit that.

Posted via My Nexus 6

2 years ago Cindy Pueblos


Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Sofean Libya

Hello ... I am from Libya .... I want Samsung Note 4 N910H update 6.0 marshmllow Please Now ... Thank you

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago tattedbeauty

Is the z3v ever going to get 5.1??? I've been waiting forever !!

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Makm

Just in case if Zenfone 2 doesn't get the update, there will be other Marshmallow roms right? Like cyanogenmod?

2 years ago moody1940

My note 4 is still on 5.0 and we talking about 6.0

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago TechNut79


Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago mike jones35

Nice!!! Android M on the Note 4 coming to Canada summer 2016!! I'll hold my breath for sure! I love mosquito's too

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Winston P

You guys might want to clarify the note 10.1 on your Samsung list. The note 10.1 has 2 versions, one released in 2011, the other in 2013 (despite being named 2014 edition). Also, I doubt it will be getting the upgrade anyway, it's the same age as the note 3,probably too old.

2 years ago blkphire

If Sammy updates the Tab S to 6.0 then I will get one soon. I am in need of a big tab since my Tab pro RIPed. I may even get a Note 10.1

2 years ago JobiWan144

So Lollipop is the end of the line for my 1st gen Moto X. That Sony Xperia Z5 Compact looks like my best hope now for one-handed Marshmallow. I will patiently await your review, Jerry. (Let's be honest: we all know Phil's gonna give it to Jerry to review.)

Posted from my Moto X (2013) via the Android Central App

2 years ago spacedetective

My poor Nexus 4 Lollipop forever...................

2 years ago Jessicameeks

Why won't my s6 edge do the update? It goes thru to the point where it powers off and back on then says it got interrupted when it doesn't get interrupted

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Kikoshi

I love that they've added Galaxy Note 10.1 , but is this the 2014 edition? Because i sitll haven't received Lollipop on my wifi version :<

2 years ago jackwagon06

I have the note pro, and I doubt it will see MM. I'm on LP because of ROM.

2 years ago Kikoshi

Yeah.... i hate having to root my tablet too :/... faaaaaak

2 years ago jleebiker

What's the difference between:
Motorola DROID Turbo
2014 Moto Turbo

If I got one from Verizon, is it the 2014 Moto Turbo? Not that it matters since both will be getting the upgrade, but just curious. Thanks in advance.

2 years ago nvelez

Verizon pays for the Droid name so Droid Turbo is only Verizon. Moto Turbo is the same phone but gets sold elsewhere and unlocked.

2 years ago Tadrift

Great list and thank you for doing it. But I would put it more a list form factor and less of an article. Specifically, make it more clear which are guesses vs. which are confirmed.

2 years ago deeb215

I think Sony and HTC are full of hot air.

2 years ago nvelez

Why? Computerworld graded manufacturers on their Lollipop updates. HTC was second, being beaten by only Google. Theres no reason why they couldn't continue that going into Marshmallow.
Sony, on the other hand did pretty poorly (D+) but last I've heard a lot of their phones that were never on their Lollipop list have in fact been updated to Lollipop.


2 years ago deeb215

They'll definitely update the M9 and M8 but beyond that my confidence level is very low.

2 years ago AvalancheRyder

I wish Google would just push the update to my N6 already. I've hit the "check for updates" button no less than 10 times in the last 24 hours and still nothing. I guess I could flash it myself but I don't really have the time.

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Nguyen Hong Phong

Nguyen Hong Phong

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Beigealini

As an owner of the OPO I can only wonder how long Cyanogen will give us an update and how many bugs it will carry.

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago mhmmdy123

Mr. Jerry, what is the big difference between the lollipop and the MM to be excited for.

2 years ago Arun Sharma7

What the heck I have nexus 4 and won't get update (android m) .....

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago jabwtv

My HTC One M7 and Nexus 7 2012 will not get Marshmallow. Maybe I should go with a company that supports their products for a longer time frame.

2 years ago chandlerweb

3+ years? If you find one,let us know!

2 years ago Arun Sharma7

This is shitt...... I have nexus 4... Now what I do.... I want android 6...

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago tolani05

I know I'm gonna get Android 6.0 Marshmallow soon cos I have a Nexus 6. But seriously though Google should maybe rethink their update policy, if the iPhone 4S can gett iOS 9 them why couldn't the Nexus 4 and the Nexus, 7 (2012)have gotten Marshmallow?

Posted via My Nexus 6

2 years ago Siddharth Shekhar

Xiaomi Mi4 hasn't even received Android 5.0 yet since MIUI 7 is not available for the public... I have it and do want Android 6.0, it seems to be shaping up real good

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Chandchoo

Does my phone lenovo a7000 gets marshmallow update.......???

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Deividas Skeberis

I hope I will get 6.0 on my Zenfone2

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago messagetyper

Can I update from 5.0 straight to Marshmallow?

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Maruf Ahmed 09

What About Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005)?

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago HFLDev

i own Galaxy S5 SM G900H (Octacore model) i run 5.0 , but yet samsung too lazy to push 5.1.1 for SM G900H / SM G900F (there most sale models of S5)
alot know it take them time (tooo many devices) i just hope i get 5.1.1 before 6.0 , cuz they always push for SM G900F then SM G900H. And it's like spit to they face. we dont wanna get the 5.1.1 when note5 get 6.0... c'mon

2 years ago urover

I have a super-affordable Android-One device and I received AndroidM update today. Upgraded and everything works great! So much for high-end and flagship nonsense. Thanks Google!!

2 years ago acelucero75

I have a Nexus 6 soooooooooooo......................

Dam It's Feels Good To Be A Google Gangster

2 years ago Hackdroids

You mean alphabet gangster?...slow your role Elmo!

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago hallux

The Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) has yet to get Lollipop, what makes you guys think it'll get Marshmallow? Was there a Galaxy Note 10.1 after that one that I missed that you're saying it will roll to?

2 years ago Marvie Ramos

You forgot to mention the Android one series.. We are now getting the Marshmallow update

2 years ago axllebeer

Glad to see my Nexus 7 2013 is on the list. Love that damn thing and she still runs like a scalded dog baby!

Posted with the Android Central App on my BlackBerry Q10 via Android runtime...

2 years ago jimrebello

I'm no fan of apple but this really an area that Apple has Google beat. Even the 4s is getting ios 9. The N4, N7 and N10 are like a year newer but are all passed over.

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Howard Sylve

Yeah but the 4s isnt getting the full capabilities that iOS 9 is suppose to provide. At least when your device gets updated with Google's latest code you get all the goodies unless your device's hardware is severely outdated. Also comparing Android updates to Apples, is truly a Apple & Orange comparison. Google's code goes toward thousands of different phones, while Apple has a max of 5 maybe when supporting their older devices.

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago theShiz

I hope the Active gets the update. Haven't even got the update for Samsung Pay yet.

Posted via the GS6 Active, aka GS6 M.E. (Manly Edition)

2 years ago RenoD2010

Why the hell do mobile OS's come and go so quickly? (this just dawned on me). I mean people ran XP for around 10 years before it died. I've been running W7 for three years. More to the point, my W7 laptop can move to and run W10 without issue (regardless of when that actually occurs).

I though these smartphone thingies were basically mini computers? They sure seem a helluva lot more disposable than the desk and laptop variety. For such advanced gadgetry, it's pretty stupid they don't even have a 4-5 year useful life.

Posted using SwiftKey on my LG G4 via the Android Central App

2 years ago jimrebello

I think it's because Microsoft would typically overhaul the whole OS and you had to pay for an update. If people had to pay for updates to Android, I suspect the updates would have a longer shelf life.

With Android the updates are more iterative it seems.

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago RenoD2010

I have a G3 and a G4 and both are likely to get updated and yet all I want is for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 to get Lollipop. I don't even know why.

Posted using SwiftKey on my LG G4 via the Android Central App

2 years ago tolani05

I wish Google would hurry up with the OTA Marshmallow update.

Posted via My Nexus 6

2 years ago anon(1017475)

Galaxy S5 (the phone everyone seems to love to hate) wOOt!
I'll be one to wait for everyone else to install and review though. I've been quite pleased with 5.0 on the Galaxy S5 on AT&T.

2 years ago Biga173rd

Poor Note 3. And that phone has more then enough specs to run Android M with no issues.

2 years ago theShiz

It's ridiculous that's it's not on the list.

Posted via the GS6 Active, aka GS6 M.E. (Manly Edition)

2 years ago Jerome86

No Note 3 update equals iPhone 6s plus for me. Apple knows a thing or 2 about updates.

Posted via Android Central App

2 years ago Altema22

Yes, they will keep them rolling until the hardware nears its limit, which is good in most cases. Just make sure you don't need a speaker phone in a noisy environment. Other than that you are good to go.

2 years ago AnthonyRyan

You forgot LG G Stylo T-Mobile has that on their list to get Android 6.0

2 years ago Altema22

Well, I don't have to fret over my Lenovo tablet getting it... it's still running the 4.1.1 that it left the factory with! Is "Lenovo" French for "left all alone"?

I'm not in a rush to update my HTC M8, as it's running great on L 5.0.2. I literally used it to charge my son's Galaxy Mega and still had power to spare.

2 years ago belodion

Thank you for the vast amount of work Jerry. :)

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Endia Sharpe

I hope you're right about alcatel.

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago roninksb

I have to say that based on my experience with the update of my AT&T Note 4 to Lollipop, I am very leery about an upgrade to Marshmallow for my Note 5. If I am being honest with myself, the total suckage that was my usage experience on my Note 4 after "upgrading" to Lollipop was no small contributor to my decision to upgrade to the Note 5. Battery life was terrible and the OS slowed to a crawl. It was traumatizing.

2 years ago JRDroid

Do you really think that the over 1 year old Galaxy Tab 4 line would get updated but not the 4 month old Galaxy Tab A line?

2 years ago Rogue Tomato

My wife has a Galaxy Tab 3 (I would never get one for myself -- I'd get a cheap Chinese tablet). I don't even know what that runs, and neither does she. There's something about Tablets that makes me not care about Android updates. I don't know why. That's why a cheap Chinese tablet would be fine with me.

2 years ago NoNexus

My tab 3 is running 4.4.2. It is now just a big remote control with extras.

Don't go cheap Chinese, go cheap Nexus. Not really for the software but the internals.

Or get a tab 3 for like 15$

+++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++

2 years ago Rogue Tomato

Where can I get a Tab 3 for $15? I'd buy that for a doll...I mean $15. I'd even get a ...(cough)... Nexus for $15.

2 years ago TJWINS

I would like to know if BlackBerry Priv is coming with Marshmallow

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Rogue Tomato

Based on the video I saw, I don't think the Blackberry CEO even knows the Priv runs Android.

2 years ago Purple Zebra

It runs the Googles and the Qualcomm. It has the 4Gs.

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago zook388

Hey Jerry, Mo Versi has claimed on Twitter that the M8 Google Play Edition will get 6.0, with a target of this month.

2 years ago anon8380037

Honor 7?

Jerry, are you guys going to do a blog on MM essential need to knows, in the future?

I don't want to look it up all by myself!

2 years ago Purple Zebra

No HTC Dream G1? Sad face.

(I saw one of these in a shop being sold for £12 the other day, was tempted.)

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Rogue Tomato

I still have mine. You mean I could only unload the thing for £12? What a disappointment. You'd think it would be a collector's item.

2 years ago Purple Zebra

Well, that's what CEX charge for it. To a collector, I'm sure it's worth more. I mean, would you accept £12 for it? Probably not so it's worth more than that. I'd hold on to it. I'm sure one day these things will be worth something. That's why I've held onto my Dell Streak. The first 5" Android phone, has to be worth something... Right?

But it's not worth more than that to a large national chain store.

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Regulator

I'm happy with how my HTC One M7 works with Lollipop and will most likely hold onto it until it dies. Even after it dies, I might purchase another M7 on the cheap as I love the form factor and does everything I need.

2 years ago WoodyR

HT to you, sir. The form factor and build quality truly can't be beat. Mine has been on the struggle bus ever since lollipop, though. Most of my problems would probably have been fixed months ago with a factory reset, but I just haven't had it in me to completely set up my phone again. Plus I've been needing a good excuse to upgrade. I'm hoping the 5X will be a worthy successor.

2 years ago H_Wordsmythe

I'm my opinion, the M7 is still the most beautiful smartphone ever made. Here's hoping HTC survives (as a phone manufacturer) long enough to recapture whatever it was that they had when they made that sexy beast. Realistically though, even if they do hang in there for an M10, it'll probably be a POS. They seem to have completely lost any sense... Except for Sense, that is. Ha.

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Altema22

The M7 is almost the same size as the One Mini, which I considered to be the perfect size. I would have kept it if it were not for the hairline cracks.

2 years ago Geoffrey McStroul

Please, Samsung, let the Galaxy S5 get it. Please please please please please please please please please please pretty please with a marshmallow on top please please please please.

2 years ago thatguy97


Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3

2 years ago Geoffrey McStroul

What's to read? AC said: "We think these Samsung phones and tablets will receive the Marshmallow update". Key word is "think". They don't know for certain (unless they know people who know people).

Silly Samsung.

2 years ago Thabet romhy

S5 g900v will get android m as t mobile said

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Rohan Maheria

My 70$ android one is not on the list. But it already started receiving marshmallow.

2 years ago jakeuten


Nexus 5 | T-Mobile $30 Plan
Android 6.0 Marshmallow

2 years ago DirkBelig

Considering my Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 never even got Lollipop, the idea that it will get Marshmallow is a laugh. I had to muscle CM12.1 onto it to get LP and make it something other than a sluggish, Cheeze Whiz-laden pig.

Posted via sheer force of will from my OnePlus 2!

2 years ago Billyjean 59

Will the Android 6 be available to the Samsung galaxy tab 3 10.01

2 years ago travaz


2 years ago TechNut79

My Note 4 doesn't even have 5.1.1 yet and I'm supposed to believe that 6.0 is coming? LOL!

Posted via the Android Central App

2 years ago Rogue Tomato

AT&T? I've had 5.1.1 on my Sprint Note 4 since early August. Sprint had it for months before that. The carriers are generally the holdup.

2 years ago
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PlayStation Vita

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PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita
Eerste generatie Playstation Vita
Eerste generatie Playstation Vita
Algemene informatie
Fabrikant Sony Interactive Entertainment
Land van herkomst Vlag van Japan Japan
Uitgebracht Vlag van Japan 17 december 2011
Vlag van EuropaVlag van Verenigde Staten 22 februari 2012
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Generatie Achtste generatie
Gewicht PCH-1000:
260 gram (wifi)
279 gram (3G)
219 gram (wifi)
Verkochte eenheden 15,53 miljoen (juni 2017)[1]
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Scherm(en) Aanraakscherm
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Geheugen 512 MB RAM, 128 MB VRAM
Opslagcapaciteit 1 GB flashgeheugen (Alleen het PCH-2000-model)
Media PlayStation Vita Game Card
Controller Op de handheld geïntegreerd.
  • Aanraakscherm [2]
  • Achter-touchpad [2]
  • Sixaxis-bewegingssensor [2]
  • Elektronisch kompas met 3 assen[2]
  • D-pad[2]
  • 16 × knoppen [2]
    (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square, D-Pad, L, R, Start, Select, PS, Volume ±, Power)
  • 2 analoge sticks
Online dienst PlayStation Network
Systeemsoftware PlayStation Vita system software 3.63[3]
PlayStation Portable
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Bestverkochte spel Minecraft[4]
Voorloper PlayStation Portable
Lijst van spelcomputersystemen
Portaal  Portaalicoon   Computer
Ontwerp van de PSVita
SVG & Media card

De PlayStation Vita (kortweg ook PS Vita of PSV genoemd) is een draagbare spelcomputer van Sony Interactive Entertainment. Nadat er al meerdere malen geruchten waren over een opvolger van de PlayStation Portable werd de PlayStation Vita bij de E3 van 2011 bevestigd en getoond.[5] Het apparaat is op 17 december 2011 in Japan geïntroduceerd, en op 22 februari 2012 is hij in Europa en Noord-Amerika uitgebracht.[6] De PS Vita had origineel een oled-aanraakscherm en een gevoelige touchpad op de achterkant waarmee eveneens computerspellen bestuurd kunnen worden.[7]

In 2013 en 2014 kwam er wereldwijd een vernieuwde versie van de Vita uit die iets kleiner is, een langere batterijduur heeft, en een micro USB-poort en een lcd-scherm bevat in plaats van een oled-scherm.


  • 1 Achtergrond
  • 2 Modellen
  • 3 Geheugen
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  • 6 Remote Play
  • 7 Compatibele media
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    • 7.2 Video
    • 7.3 Afbeeldingen
    • 7.4 Audio
    • 7.5 Afspeellijsten
  • 8 Overzetten van spellen


De PlayStation Vita heeft twee analoge sticks, een bewegingssensor, achter-touchpad, voor en achtercamera, een aanraakgevoelig scherm van 5 inch en Bluetooth. De PlayStation Vita draait op een ARM Cortex-A9 met 4 cores-processor met als grafische kaart een SGX543MP4+. De bekende XrossMediaBar is vervangen door een voor aanraakscherm ontwikkelde LiveArea.


De originele (eerste generatie) PlayStation Vita (PCH-1xxx) is er in twee varianten, een model met Wi-Fi- en 3G-connectiviteit en een model met alleen Wi-Fi-connectiviteit. Het nieuwe model (tweede generatie) PlayStation Vita (PCH-2xxx) is alleen nog maar verkrijgbaar met Wi-Fi-connectiviteit. Ook is er een model zonder display en controleknoppen, de PlayStation TV (in Azië en Japan bekend onder de naam PlayStation Vita TV).

  • PCH-1000 (Eerste generatie Wi-Fi, oled)
  • PCH-1100 (Eerste generatie 3G, Wi-Fi, oled)
  • PCH-2000 (Tweede generatie Wi-Fi, lcd)
  • VTE-1000 (PlayStation TV)


De Playstation Vita is niet compatibel met standaard geheugenkaarten, in plaats daarvan maakt deze gebruik van speciale PS Vita-geheugenkaarten, welke te verkrijgen zijn in 4, 8, 16, 32 en (in sommige regio's) 64 GB. Het systeem beschikt over 512 MB RAM en over 1GB flashgeheugen (alleen het PCH-2000-model) voor de instellingen en andere systeemsoftwaregebonden functies.


De systeemsoftware op de PlayStation Vita wordt LiveArea genoemd, dit is een grafische gebruikersomgeving ontwikkeld door Sony Interactive Entertainment. De interface is ontwikkeld om optimaal gebruik te maken van het 5 inch aanraakscherm. Op het beginscherm staan ronde pictogrammen, door op het pictogram van een applicatie of spel te tikken, verschijnt het LiveArea-scherm van de applicatie. Het beginscherm kan uit maximaal 10 pagina's bestaan.

Sony heeft met LiveArea voor de achtste generatie draagbare spelcomputer afscheid genomen van de vorige XrossMediaBar-interface, die werd gebruikt door de zevende generatie van Sony's spelcomputers, zoals de PlayStation Portable en PlayStation 3.


De webbrowser van de PlayStation Vita ondersteunt JavaScript, HTML5 (gedeeltelijk[8]) en cookies. Flash wordt niet ondersteund. Sinds firmware 2.10 wordt het afspelen van video's in de webbrowser d.m.v. HTML5 ondersteund[9].

Omdat het afspelen van video's in de webbrowser bij de release nog niet mogelijk was, heeft Sony YouTube beschikbaar gemaakt met een app. Deze YouTube-app is met de komst van firmware 2.10 overbodig en wordt sinds 20 april 2015[10] niet meer ondersteund. Voor andere functies die niet of moeilijk via de browser te gebruiken zijn, zoals Facebook, Twitter en Skype, zijn gratis apps te vinden in de PlayStation Store.

Remote Play[bewerken]

Sinds de komst van de PlayStation 4 is het mogelijk om (bijna) elk spel vanaf de PlayStation 4 naar de PlayStation Vita te streamen, met de feature Remote Play (PS4-koppeling). Bij dit proces doet de PlayStation 4 eigenlijk al het zware werk. De Remote Play-feature werkt via een lokaal netwerk op zowel de PlayStation Vita, als op een PlayStation TV. De PlayStation Vita kan ook gebruik maken van de Remote Play-functie via het internet. Een PS4-ontwikkelaar heeft tegenover Eurogamer verklaard dat Sony de Remote Play-functie verplicht heeft gemaakt voor PS4-spellen, behalve degene die gebruikmaken van de PS4 Eye.PS4 developer: Sony mandates Vita Remote Play for all games Dit is later door de president van SIE Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, bevestigd.Shuhei Yoshida - Twitter

Compatibele media[bewerken]

Voor het afspelen van spellen in PS Vita-formaat worden PS Vita-kaarten gebruikt. Deze hebben een opslagruimte van 4 GB en is uitbreidbaar tot 8 GB voor (mogelijke) toekomstige titels. Anno 2014 is er nog geen spel groter dan 4 GB. Spellen zijn ook te downloaden in de PlayStation Store. Voor het downloaden van spellen is een geheugenkaart nodig. Sony heeft voor de PS Vita zijn eigen lijn geheugenkaarten uitgebracht. De capaciteit van deze kaarten varieert van 4 GB tot 64 GB. In Europa is het grootste uitgegeven model momenteel 32 GB. Verder ondersteunt het systeem de volgende formaten:


  • Spellen in PS Vita-formaat
  • Spellen in PSP-formaat (als download)
  • Spellen in PlayStation Mobile-formaat (als download, systeemsoftware 2.00 of hoger vereist).
  • Games in PlayStation-formaat (als download, systeemsoftware 1.80 of hoger vereist).
  • Remote Play via de PlayStation 4


  • MPEG-4 Simple Profile Level 6, maximaal 1280×720 pixels
  • AAC
  • H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Baseline/Main/High Profile Level 4.0, maximaal 1080p, AAC


  • JPEG (Exif2.2.1)
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • MPO
  • Video's gemaakt met het systeem


  • MP3 (MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3)
  • MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC)
  • WAVE (Linear PCM)


  • M3U
  • M3U8
  • Afspeellijsten aangemaakt met een PlayStation
  • Afspeellijsten aangemaakt in iTunes (iTunes versie 10.6.3 of hoger vereist)

Overzetten van spellen[bewerken]

Voor het overzetten/digitaliseren van spellen in PSP-formaat (UMD) heeft Sony het UMD Passport-programma opgezet. Door de UMD Registration App op de PSP te downloaden en vanuit de XMB te starten kunnen spellen in PSP-formaat (UMD's) geregistreerd worden. De geregistreerde spellen zullen dan tegen een gereduceerde prijs uit de PlayStation Store gedownload kunnen worden. Op 11 december 2011 heeft Sony aangekondigd dat het UMD Passport-programma alleen voor gebruikers met een Japans SEN-account mogelijk is[11]. Dit betekent dat Europese/Amerikaanse eigenaren van PSP-spellen geen korting zullen krijgen wanneer ze deze spellen op de Vita willen overzetten.

Het is wel mogelijk om oude PSP-save-data, muziek, video's, afbeeldingen, back-ups en bestanden over te zetten naar een pc of PS3-systeem, en andersom door middel van een softwareprogramma van Sony genaamd 'Content Manager Assistant'[12] voor pc of Mac.



Spelcomputers · Draagbare spelcomputers (Lijst van draagbare spelcomputers)

Eerste generatie (1972-1980): Magnavox Odyssey · Coleco Telstar · Color TV Game
Tweede generatie (1976-1984): Atari 2600 · Atari 5200 · Arcadia 2001 · ColecoVision · Intellivision · Videopac G7000 · SG-1000 · Interton VC4000 · Vectrex · Game & Watch · Fairchild Channel F · Microvision
Derde generatie of 8 bitstijdperk (1983-1992): Atari 7800 · Amstrad GX4000 · Sega Master System · Nintendo Entertainment System · Commodore 64 Games System
Vierde generatie of 16 bitstijdperk (1987-1996): Cd-i · Sega Mega Drive · Neo-Geo · PC Engine · Super Nintendo Entertainment System · SuperGrafx · Game Boy · Sega Pico
Vijfde generatie of 32/64 bitstijdperk (1993-2000): 3DO · Atari Jaguar · Amiga CD32 · Nintendo 64 · Atari Panther · Game.com · PC-FX · PlayStation · Sega Saturn · Virtual Boy
Zesde generatie of 128 bitstijdperk (1998-2004): Dreamcast · Nintendo GameCube · PlayStation 2 · Xbox
Zevende generatie (2004-2010): Wii · PlayStation 3 · Xbox 360 · PlayStation Portable · Nintendo DS · PlayStation Portable Go · Nintendo DS Lite · Nintendo DSi · Nintendo DSi XL · Dingoo A-320 · Dingoo A-330 · Gemei A330 · Gemei X760+ · Pocket Dream Console · Pocket Dream Console Touch · Pandora · GP2X
Achtste generatie (2011-heden): Wii U · PlayStation 4 · Xbox One · Nintendo Switch · Nintendo 3DS · PlayStation Vita · Nintendo 2DS · Ouya · Shield Portable


Overgenomen van "https://nl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=PlayStation_Vita&oldid=50079781"

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