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Online radio service Pandora has been a pioneer in music streaming- but how is it doing compared to upstart zuwyfuew. bracelet pandora agus charms Spotify in the US? New data from Global Web Index looks at how both platforms fare across age groups.


Last week saw mixed fortunes for Pandora: the service might have missed analysts’ predictions for its Q4 earnings report but rumors of a takeover plan saw it attract widespread attention.

Pandora does not have the type of global reach of key rival Spotify (being only officially available in 3 markets). But it’s clear that Pandora dominates the music streaming business in the USA. Across all the major age breaks, Pandora is ahead of Spotify by a significant margin. And its appeal to older age groups stands out here, with online 45-64s being 3x as likely to be using Pandora as Spotify.

Like most music streaming sites, Pandora’s challenge lies in monetizing this user base. But its success in gathering a broad listener base certainly gives it a lot of potential.


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Spotify VS Pandora

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